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August 7, 2022

Victor Ponta: I knew evidence was being falsified at DNA, but I couldn’t prove it. It’s been proven, but nothing is happening

In a talk-show on RomaniaTV on Saturday evening, ex-Premier Victor Ponta made new revelations about the scandal at DNA Ploiesti. Victor Ponta explained how DNA prosecutors allegedly tried to fabricate denunciations against him three years ago, but also referred to his relationship with Liviu Dragnea and the latest political scandals.

“I knew evidence was being falsified at DNA Ploiesti, but I couldn’t prove it publicly. The fact that it’s been proven is important, but the fact that nothing is happening is also important. There is proof, and proof is shown for naught. In a different country there would have been a scandal. Something would have happened during the Ceausescu era too. Evidence is being fabricated in Romania. I knew that. Now it’s been proven, and nothing is happening. The atmosphere will become worse, not better. I have many experiences, apart from what I’ve read,” Victor Ponta stated.

The ex-Premier talked about the dossiers opened against him over the years, but also about the ‘Orange’ prosecutor’s attempts to “fabricate evidence,” stressing the link that exists with Laura Codruta Kovesi. The DNA Chief Prosecutor’s mandate was bound to end in 2016 and he had to be ousted for her to be renamed in office, Ponta claims.

“I’ll bring you people who were taken out from detention and told to write something about Ponta because they’d get rid of the charges against them. Not one, I’ll bring you five people. It was happening in 2015, when I was supposed to resign. They were told: write something and you’ll get rid of the charges. She obtained my resignation. Are things so good in Romania now, after I resigned? All of this happened both at the DNA’s central headquarters and at DNA Ploiesti,” the ex-Premier stated on RomaniaTV. “I met Mr Iohannis, to ask him whether there is a problem in what concerns me,” the politician said.

“My dossiers were fabricated in order for Laura Codruta Kovesi to be once again appointed in office at the DNA, in 2016,” the ex-Premier said.

Ponta explained that he left office at the appropriate moment for this appointment to occur, the “disaster of the Ciolos Government” taking place after that.

In a response to a comment posted on one of his Facebook postings, Victor Ponta recently revealed that the incumbent PSD President exerted pressure for Daniel Morar to be replaced and for Codruta Kovesi – whom Dragnea allegedly called “his friend” and claimed “she was helping him” – to be named.

“In February 2015, I paid an official visit to the U.S. – I was received with an honour guard at the Pentagon and I was in the office of the CIA Director to discuss Romania’s role in the Strategic Partnership and the “rule of law” in Romania – I see that, during that time, DNA Ploiesti was fabricating false evidence against me, false witnesses were being instigated, house searches targeting my mother and sister and the arrest of my brother-in-law was being prepared!

“Because I didn’t resign immediately after the set up in Ploiesti, they switched to Plan B to oust the Government – in Bucharest, prosecutor Uncheselu made up another dossier for alleged guilty acts from 2007-2008 (it was already 2015), falsifying documents and blackmailing witnesses to tell some lies about me!

“I’m sure the one legally entitled to act – meaning the Justice Minister – will not do anything (his boss Liviu Dragnea, who is continuing his “rigged game” with the Establishment, hoping to get away, won’t let him)! And the Parliament dominated by Dragnea will be content to run its mouth, and that’s it!

“I have no expectations from Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar either – he got in office through the fabrication of a dossier against his predecessor Tiberiu Nitu!

“I only hope that the CSM will do something for the honour and prestige of the thousands of fair magistrates who have nothing to do with these terrible abuses / and I trust judges will render justice (however, after years of humiliations and irreparable losses)!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook after Vlad Cosma’s recordings appeared.


Message for those who protested against Klaus Iohannis: The protest should’ve targeted Tudorel Toader or Liviu Dragnea


Victor Ponta’s message for those protesting outside the Palace of Parliament was that their protest should have targeted Tudorel Toader or Liviu Dragnea, not Klaus Iohannis.

“There has been a protest at Cotroceni. Good for them, but I don’t understand why the protest was at Cotroceni… Those who protested this evening at Cotroceni should have protested at the Justice Ministry, because Iohannis hasn’t received any request from Tudorel Toader. Iohannis could have come out into the street and told them he has no request from the Justice Minister. The protest should have taken place at the Justice Ministry or at the PSD headquarters, because Dragnea named Tudorel Toader in three Governments,” Victor Ponta stated for RomaniaTV.


“People are asking me if I’ll run again”


Victor Ponta clearly announced he will not enter the presidential race scheduled in 2019.

“In the autumn of 2016, I was somewhat hesitating whether to keep engaging in politics, whether to keep campaigning. I came out determined to campaign for PSD, for ALDE, and I campaigned convinced that they would do a good job… it didn’t happen. I told Dragnea: I’ll campaign, but will you stop the abuses? And he said: yes, from day one! Nothing happened! I didn’t fear for me, because I’m a 45-year-old man. But I only feel guilty that because of me, because of my political activity, the members of my family stood to suffer. Because of this, I’m not willing to once again subject my family to the things they were subjected to in 2015. People are asking me if I’ll run again in 2019. No, clearly not,” Victor Ponta stated on RomaniaTV.

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