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April 12, 2021

Andreea Cosma at ICCJ, alongside Vlad and Mircea Cosma: “I came to support my family, but also other citizens that appeared on TV, such as Sebastian Ghita, who expect me, as House lawmaker, to protect their rights”

Former House lawmaker Vlad Cosma stated on Monday at the Supreme Court, where the last court hearing in the trial in which he was convicted for corruption crimes took place, that he is not afraid because the dossier is based on false evidence, adding that this time he does not want to answer any questions from journalists because he does not give interviews at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ). At the same time, former Prahova County Chairman Mircea Cosma said he will not make comments because he is tired. Andreea Cosma arrived at the Supreme Court too, stating she was there to support her family but also other citizens that complained of the prosecutors’ abuses, such as Sebastian Ghita, citizens that expect her to defend their rights in her capacity as House lawmaker.

“I consider justice is made at the High Court and we won’t give an interview here. For the time being, today, I don’t want to answer any questions. I’m not afraid, that’s why I’m here,” Vlad Cosma said on his arrival at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ).

His father, Mircea Cosma, former chairman of the Prahova County Council, told journalists he will not make any comments because he is tired.

PSD House lawmaker Andreea Cosma accompanied Vlad and Mircea Cosma at the ICCJ, and once again levelled accusations against DNA Ploiesti prosecutors, against Mircea Negulescu in particular, stating that the latter destroyed their lives in the last four years and is “an inhumane man.”

She said she trusts the wisdom of the Supreme Court magistrates, pointing out that the situation was different at the trial court which convicted Vlad and Mircea Cosma: prosecutor Mircea Negulescu was in office and many witnesses were afraid to speak.

Andreea Cosma added she will ask Interior Minister Carmen Dan, via a letter, to identify the persons who are threatening her by phone.

Andreea Cosma added she was there to support her family but also other citizens wronged by prosecutors, citizens who expect her to defend their rights in her capacity as lawmaker.

“I’m Vlad Cosma’s sister and Mircea Cosma’s daughter, so it’s normal to be by my family’s side. Secondly, I’m an elected Prahova lawmaker. My father, my brother, Ghita Sebastian, Savu Daniel and many others who were on TV, the head of the DGA and Cristi Tudorel, they are Prahova County citizens. They expect me – I’m a member of Parliament – to respect their rights and freedoms. Isn’t it normal?” Andreea Cosma said.

Vlad and Mircea Cosma are tried by a five-judge panel.

Lately, Vlad Cosma has made public several audio recordings, seeking to prove that the DNA Ploiesti prosecutors that handled the dossiers in which he and members of his family are under investigation allegedly falsified evidence.

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