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June 13, 2021

CSM suspends prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga after she is indicted

On Monday, the Supreme Magistracy Council’s (CSM) Section for Prosecutors took note of the suspension of prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga, effective as a result of her indictment for aiding and abetting and forgery.

On February 8, DNA prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga was indicted for aiding and abetting and forgery (four counts).

“From 2015 to June 2017, at the explicit request of a defendant in a case handled by DIICOT Ploiesti, prosecutor Moraru Iorga Mihaiela, in order to render the investigations more difficult, helped the said defendant, with direct intent, by carrying out several guilty and omissive acts,” according to the DNA.

Mihaiela Moraru Iorga is accused of carrying out acts of investigation outside the legal framework, in parallel with the criminal investigation carried out at the time by DIICOT prosecutors who were legally entitled to probe the person concerned.

“Concretely, prosecutor Moraru Iorga Mihaiela had several informal discussions with the defendant – wanted internationally at that time –, in which she told him, among other things, that he “should have a bit of patience because things are not solved overnight.” The same type of discussions took place with the middlemen of the same person, in her office at the National Anticorruption Directorate headquarters, in order to establish the way in which that person could be helped,” the DNA communique points out.

According to the same source, Mihaiela Moraru Iorga made overtures to identify – and then to illegally take over the handling of – a dossier registered at the DNA’s section for combating crimes assimilated to corruption, arguing that she was allegedly handling an older case concerning the same guilty acts.

“After she took over the case concerning that person, defendant Moraru Iorga Mihaiela ordered a financial and fiscal expert’s report with favourable objectives, in order to truncate the criminal activity of the protected person, a report that led to favourable conclusions for the said person; she indicted the anti-fraud inspectors that drafted the official notes – the evidence that the justice of peace had in mind when confirming the pre-trial arrest measure ordered against the said person, on 06.03.2016, without the dossier holding evidence that would reasonably reveal their criminal intent,” the communique reads.

In the DNA’s opinion, through these overtures the prosecutor sought to induce doubts in what concerns the extent of the said person’s criminal activity.

Mihaiela Moraru Iorga is also accused that, in the same context, she did not include the expert’s report in the dossier. Moreover, she allegedly invoked – in four ordinances extending the judicial control measure – that the expert’s report had not been finalised, against the backdrop in which she had actually received it on 17 October 2016, and the final compensation and the payment for the expert’s report had been established via ordinance, being covered mostly from DNA funds.

After the indictment was drafted, the dossier was sent to the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

The communique also shows that Mihaiela Moraru Iorga was dismissed from office through an order that the DNA Chief Prosecutor issued on 5 July 2017, endorsed by the CSM’s Section for Prosecutors. On 27 September 2017, the Bucharest Court of Appeals temporarily suspended the order, Moraru temporarily resuming her position within the DNA.


Photo: Agerpres


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