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October 1, 2020

Vlad Cosma presents new recording allegedly showing DNA Ploiesti prosecutors. Ex-lawmaker claims he was told what to state as a witness

Former PSD House lawmaker Vlad Cosma presented on Sunday a new recording made at the DNA Ploiesti headquarters. According to the discussions heard on it, he was allegedly being told what to state in a case in which he had been subpoenaed as a witness. The ex-lawmaker also claimed that DNA Ploiesti coerced him to commit perjury in court.

Prosecutors Mircea Negulescu, Lucian Onea and Giuela Deaconu allegedly appear in the recording that Vlad Cosma presented on Antena3, a recording made inside the DNA Ploiesti headquarters. According to the recording, Deaconu instructs Vlad Cosma in what concerns the witness statement he was about to give in a case handled by the DNA, telling him what he was going to be asked and what his answers should be.

Likewise, Vlad Cosma claims that DNA Ploiesti coerced him to give a false statement in court in one of the cases concerning Sebastian Ghita. The ex-lawmaker claims he was accompanied and influenced by a DNA Ploiesti officer while the High Court of Cassation and Justice was hearing him via videoconference.

“In this photograph we can see Mrs Florea Gabriela, DNA Ploiesti judiciary police officer. At one point, I gave a statement in a dossier, one that I no longer wanted to uphold. They notified me I must go in court to uphold it. I refused. To determine me to uphold it, Mrs Florea accompanied me. She once again read the statement to me and she stood hidden behind the monitor, for her not to be noticed. To make sure the result is favourable, they have this nerve of also going to court and concocting statements to make sure some people will be convicted. How can people in this country defend themselves if Mrs Florea stays hidden and influences the witnesses. That is how witnesses are coerced. We’ll notice in this photograph that the courtroom was full, and she was coordinating with Mr Onea, by phone, regarding everything I had to say. She was telling him I don’t want to state what must be stated. I refused to state what Mrs Florea and Mr Onea wanted. The judges felt something was happening and they ordered an acquittal in the trial court. It’s the Badescu-Ghita dossier,” Vlad Cosma stated on Antena3.

The ex-lawmaker also presented a photograph showing the judicial police officer, pointing out it was taken in the room in which he was about to be heard via videoconference. Gabriela Florea is one of the two DNA Ploiesti judicial police officers whose dismissal has been demanded by the Interior Minister.

Vlad Cosma pointed out he started recording DNA Ploiesti prosecutors in 2015.

“In 2015, when they approached me, I noticed that some illegalities were taking place at the DNA headquarters and at the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Ploiesti Court of Appeal. Noticing that what they were asking me was illegal, I tried to make these recordings, knowing I would make them public at one point. I started recording when they asked me to do the first alleged illegalities, in 2015,” Cosma said.

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