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June 28, 2022

Zalau and Ploiesti Emergency Hospitals, endowed with medical equipment through the Michelin Corporate Foundation

Starting from the end of the last week, two of the most important national health institutions at the county level – Zalau County Emergency Hospital and Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital – are richer in terms of performant medical devices. This is possible as a result of the endowments provided by the Michelin Corporate Foundation.

Michelin Corporate Foundation, part of the Michelin Group, wished to support the local community by improving the medical services provided by the Zalau and Ploiesti County Emergency Hospitals, investing in their endowment with medical equipment, as announced through a press release. Given that the purpose of this foundation is to support humanitarian operations and charity actions in the fields of the sustainable mobility, sports and health, education and solidarity, culture and heritage, as well as environmental protection, the requirements of the local community have been considered, and therefore it decided to invest in medical equipment, especially emergency equipment. Thus, medical equipment has been provided to the UPU SMURD, Cardiology, Rheumatology and Neurosurgery departments of the two health institutions. Specifically, the Zalau Hospital was endowed with a mannequin for the advanced life support with a simulator for vital functions, along with a portable defibrillator, a professional exercise track for effort monitoring which supports the patients of the Cardiology department, as well as a musculoskeletal ultrasound, necessary to investigate the patients of the Rheumatology department, estimated to an approx. number of 50 ultrasounds per month. At the same time, the Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital received a craniotomy device which will bring its significant contribution to increasing the quality of the neurosurgical interventions performed. “Our purpose is to get involved into the communities we are part of and to support their concrete needs, this is why we are proud that by this investment, we manage to increase everyone’s chances to survive, and to ensure a better living for the Ploiesti community” stated Philipe Legrez, General Delegate of the Michelin Corporate Foundation.

The endowment of the two hospitals in Zalau and Ploiesti with medical equipment also has an explanation, considering that both of them are the largest health units in Salaj County and Prahova County. Specifically, the Zalau County Emergency Hospital provides services to people in the whole county, the number of discharged patients – continuous hospitalization – exceeding 25,500 cases in 2017, while there were 22,000 cases of outpatients in the same year. Over the same year, the number of consultations in the Emergency Unit exceeded 48,000 cases, while the number of consultations performed to outpatients exceeded 117,000.

As for the Ploiesti County Emergency Hospital, it provides services to people in the Ploiesti municipality and to the surrounding areas, namely to more than 850,000 people. Almost 160,000 consultations are performed annually in the Emergency Unit, the hospital performing more than 12,000 surgeries, of which over 800 are neurosurgical interventions. The hospital has 1,160 beds for continuous hospitalization, 39 beds for the one-day hospitalization, along with 20 medical and surgical departments and 15 compartments, 7 laboratories of medical analysis, radiology, pathological anatomy, recovery, physical medicine and balneology, outpatient department, psychiatry, pulmonology, infectious diseases, etc.

Michelin Corporate Foundation was founded in January 2014, at the initiative of Jean-Dominique Senard, the CEO of the Michelin Group, under the aegis of the human mobility. It follows the Michelin tradition to get involved into the society, maintaining the values of respect and solidarity which the group has promoted since the beginning.






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