Chamber passes bill on acquisition of multiple launch rocket system

At a plenary session on Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies passed, 276 to 2, a bill on the implementation of the “Indirect Fire Capabilities” chapter in the “Multiple Launch Long-Range Rocket System” military acquisition programme.

The bill is said to regulate the achieving of the “Indirect Fire Capability Support” chapter in the “Multiple Launch Long-Range Rocket System” military acquisition programme to help deter aggressions against Romania and articulate an appropriate response to the current and future challenges of the security environment.

“The implementation of the ‘Indirect Fire Capability Support’ in the ‘Multiple Launch Long-Range Rocket System’ acquisition programme is hereby approved by the Government of Romania awarding to the Administration of the United States of America Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) specific of the Foreign Military Sales Program (FMS) for the purchase of three systems with 18 launching devices each, including, but not limited to, ammunition, command, control, sensors, logistic support, maintenance, cryptographic equipment and special arrangements, and staff training at all levels,” the bill says.

The funds necessary for the acquisitions will be provided for in the budget of the Ministry of National Defence.

“The Ministry of National Defence will manage the amounts in foreign currency related to the acquisitions mentioned in Article 1(a) through an analytical account opened in its name within the forex account of the Ministry of Public Finance opened with the National Bank of Romania. The amounts left in the account at the end of each fiscal year shall be carried over to the next year and used to cover the for achieving the objective mentioned in Article 1.”

Another article in bill says that that the Ministry of National Defence shall deploy military personnel to carry out missions outside the national territory in accordance with the contracts concluded under this piece of legislation.

The bill has also cleared Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies is the decision-making body in its case.

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