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November 25, 2022

‘Ex-Libris Brancusi’ exibition opens at Cotroceni National Museum

The exhibition called “Ex-Libris Brancusi,” which gathers the art work of over 200 plastic artists – graphic artists, painters, sculptors, ceramists – of Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey, was opened on Monday in the Medieval Spaces of the Cotroceni National Museum.

The homage exhibition, which marks the celebration of 142 years since the birth of Constantin Brancusi, was organised at the initiative of plastic artist Florin Stoiciu, who is a professor at the Faculty of Arts within the Ovidius University of Constanta.

“What you see are not necessarily some images that resemble Brancusi’s work or which are representative in terms of the evocative illustration, but only some personal experiences that each artist created for Brancusi. (…) Everything you see here is the effort of many students,” Florin Stoiciu stated.

Deputy General Director of the Cotroceni National Museum Stefania Dinu mentioned that the exhibition represents “a soul project” of Professor Florin Stoiciu, PhD, which started in 2016 with 170 art works, that currently hosts over 200 engravings displayed in the spaces of the Cotroceni National Museum, in a new concept of arrangement – directly on the floor.

“Through this exhibition, the present plastic artists wanted to pay a homage to Constantin Brancusi because each of them was inspired either by Constantin Brancusi’s works or they represented their own pieces of art, all being an exhibition specially dedicated to this great artist who revolutionised the modern art,” Stefania Dinu stated.

The Deputy Director also mentioned that, in the context of the opening, a catalog of the exhibition was re-edited in which all artists and works presented within the exhibition were added.

The exhibition will be open to the public between 20 February -13 March.

The AGERPRES National News Agency is media partner of the event.

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