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May 17, 2022

Simple motion against Labour Minister to be put up for vote on Wednesday. Opposition blames chaotic fiscal policy, minister’s lack of training and PSD’s groundless promises

On Monday afternoon, the House debated PNL’s simple motion, titled “Lia Olguta Vasilescu – Minister of Lie and Social Injustice.” Addressing the House, Olguta Vasilescu claimed that if one is to eliminate the invectives and false figures from its text, nothing would be left of the motion, and said that much of the criticism in fact concerns the Finance Ministry, adding: “You’ve mixed-up the addressee!”

The debate started with the reading of the motion, according to which Romanians have smaller salaries or, worse, they must bring money from home at the end of a working month.

“For months you lied that the salaries will not drop, but increase, and from now on nobody trusts you and the Government whose member you are! You were outed by your own incompetence and you have continued to defy the population,” the Liberals told Olguta Vasilescu.

The simple motion will be put up for vote on Wednesday.

On Monday, at the debate on the simple motion that PNL tabled against the Labour Minister, the Opposition blamed the chaotic fiscal policy, the Labour Minister’s lack of training and PSD’s groundless promises. In his turn, the representative of ALDE admitted that things can be perfected but claimed that the ruling parties tried to lower the inequities.

PNL House lawmaker Maria Calista claimed that Romania has been suffering from “chronic chaotic taxation” in the last year, accusing the Labour Minister of creating inequities between the public and the private sectors.

“In the last year, we are seeing a Romania that suffers from an incurable disease – it’s called chronic chaotic taxation. (…) You’ve managed to completely throw the Romanian economic-fiscal and social systems into chaos, you’ve created profound inequity between the public and the private sectors. They must be treated in a package, minister, because they all generate effects in the incomes of Romanians. To kill off an entire sector just because you found a few problems, to kill off the protected units just because there are a few isolated cases, that means lack of responsibility and leaving out in the open people who do not have an alternative from the state. A whole country is not respecting you, because you have economically brought Romania’s vertebral columns to their knees,” PNL House lawmaker Maria Calista stated during the House debates on the motion.

In USR’s opinion, Lia Olguta Vasilescu is unprepared, the emergency ordinances that “patch up” the legal framework being proof of that.

“Besides the fact she is unprepared, Mrs Olguta Vasilescu is incompetent. She had no clue about the effects of this law and of others coming in a package with it when the salary law was being discussed within the Labour Committee, and she has no clue now. Had she been competent, there wouldn’t have been the need for a series of emergency ordinances to patch up the legal framework. Had she been competent, she could have presented the impact study on the salary law’s phantasmagorias. So far, she has been unable to do this,” USR House lawmaker Cristian Seidler said.

UDMR accused PNL of creating a political dispute by tabling the simple motion against the Labour Minister, without denying the problems that the citizens are facing.

“We consider that, through this overture (the tabling of the simple motion – editor’s note), PNL is creating a political dispute, using political instruments. Indeed, the Labour Ministry is facing problems, we must discuss at length the real problems that the citizens are facing and propose viable solutions to them,” UDMR House lawmaker Eva Csep said.

ALDE representative Mihai Nita claimed that one cannot say that things worked perfectly, but reminded that the current Government promoted the unified salary law to diminish discriminations.

“You state that two million Romanians have had their salaries cut or have even lost their salaries. You are completely misinformed. We can’t say things worked perfectly, but the current PSD-ALDE Government sought to promote a unified salary law to diminish the discriminations between the same categories of personnel (…) and to reflect the value of each person’s labour,” ALDE House lawmaker Mihai Nita said.

PMP claimed that PSD must explain why they promised to increase salaries and now numerous citizens have had their salaries cut.

“The reality we are all experiencing today is felt best by the members of PSD. They must go and meet the Romanians and tell them why – even though they were promised that their salaries would be increased – they woke up at the end of this month with lower, not higher salaries,” PMP House lawmaker Eugen Tomac claimed.


Olguta Vasilescu: No statistic shows that the salaries of two million Romanians have dropped


Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated on Monday, at the debates on the simple motion that PNL tabled against her, that “there is no statistic that would show that the salaries of two million Romanians have dropped.”

“There is no statistic that would show that the salaries of two million Romanians have dropped. It’s an aberrant figure. (…) If I were to take the invectives and unreal figures out of this motion, there would be nothing left of it,” Olguta Vasilescu said after the simple motion tabled against her was read in the House.


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