Bucharest Military Hospital’s Integrated Nuclear Medicine Centre opens on 4.5-million euro investment

An integrated nuclear medicine centre for the detection of oncological, cardiovascular and neurological conditions, open to all patients, was inaugurated on Wednesday at the Carol Davila Central Military Emergency Hospital of Bucharest in the presence of the Defence Minister Mihai Fifor.

“What we have here at this center is the best European equipping for such a hospital,” said Fifor, adding that the value of the facility is about 4.5 million euros, an investment conducted by the Defence Ministry (MApN) and the Military Hospital.

He said that the Central Military Hospital is a role 4 hospital that can accommodate troops from other NATO countries as well.

“Under its partnership with the United States and also as a NATO member state, Romania wants to be able to also tender to the NATO needs for military medicine. (…) The hospital is a role 4 hospital, meaning that it is the last type of hospital in the medical intervention chain where this is necessary. The Central Military Hospital is one of the best performing in the country, both as a medical team and as in terms of equipment, as an investment (…) The investments we will carry out in the period immediately ahead will do nothing but raise the standards in order to tender not only to the patients in the military medical system, but also to any patient who is suffering and wants quality services,” said Fifor.

He added that the Health Ministry is preparing a memorandum requesting the unblocking of posts for the Romanian Armed Forces, including 250 doctors for the Central Military Hospital of various specialties.

The Integrated Nuclear Medicine Centre has two important devices: a namely a single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and computed tomography (CT) scanner and a positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) scanner.

Military Hospital Commander Florentina Ionita Radu said that SPECT-CT investigations are already included in the framework contract with the Healthcare Insurance House.

She said that doctors at the centre are experienced users of such devices.

Three nuclear medicine physicians, two radiology and medical imaging doctors, a medical physicist four nurses plus technical staff will work at the centre.

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