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March 6, 2021

Manda: Intelligence Cttee to forward Tariceanu’s questions to the SRI

Claudiu Manda (photo), Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, pointed out on Tuesday that the questions that Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu raised during the hearing before the committee, which concern the Romanian Intelligence Service’s (SRI) activity in the Microsoft dossier and in the dossier in which he is accused of perjury, will be forwarded to the SRI.

Manda pointed out on Tuesday, after Tariceanu was heard by the Intelligence Committee, that the Senate Speaker referred to the Microsoft dossier, stating that prosecutors informed him only in January 2018 that his communications had been intercepted, even though the information had appeared publicly.

According to Manda, in the Microsoft case the wiretapping was approved by the High Court, at the request of the prosecutors, and was carried out by the SRI.

He said Tariceanu asked the Intelligence Committee to ask the SRI clear questions regarding the internal mechanisms, the extent of the surveillance, the motives of the DNA, the guilty acts, persons, dialogues targeted.

“He has asked us to ask who enforced the warrants, the legal grounds, who carried out the technical wiretapping, he asked us that he receive the results of the recording, the object of the investigation. He asked us to verify what happened with the results of the wiretapping, whether they were put to good use, how many officers worked on it, what was the cost of the operation, who were the secondary beneficiaries of the information,” Manda said.

In what concerns the second dossier, in which Tariceanu is accused of perjury, Manda said the dossier is in court and it concerns a national security warrant obtained from the ICCJ, but on the SRI’s request, via the prosecutors.

He said Tariceanu demanded the copy of the wiretapping warrant, the legal grounds, the information on whose basis the warrant was obtained, the internal report through which the SRI enforced this warrant, the SRI’s juridical report, the ICCJ’s substantiation, the SRI unit that enforced the warrant and coordinated the operation, the hearing of the persons who had access to the recordings, the way the information was internally used, whether other beneficiaries were informed and who were they, how many SRI employees worked on this warrant.

Manda said that the SRI’s answers to these questions will be relayed to the Senate Speaker and will be included in the report that the Intelligence Committee will draft.


Manda: Tariceanu, told that Basescu had on his desk a discussion between Nastase and his son


Intelligence Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda pointed out on Tuesday that ALDE President Calin Popescu Tariceanu claimed during the hearing before the committee that he was told that, back in 2005, then-President Traian Basescu had on his office the transcript of a conversation between Adrian Nastase and his son.

“He [Tariceanu] said that, following a discussion he had with a person who is, I believe, PNL MP at this moment, and who worked at Cotroceni back in 2005, if I’m not mistaking, – he said he doesn’t want to name names because he did not talk with him –, [that person] noticed on the President’s desk the transcript of a phone conversation between Adrian Nastase, House Speaker at the time, and his son, stating this was not right,” Manda said after Tariceanu was heard by the Intelligence Committee.

Manda pointed out it remains the duty of the Intelligence Committee to verify these aspects with the Service.

“He transmitted this report and it remains for us (the Intel Committee – editor’s note) to verify whether such a report existed, whether the SRI is the one that sent it and whether it was legal. I repeat, it concerns the conversation between the third-highest official in the state and his son, a conversation that was on the President’s desk at the time,” Manda added.



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