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May 16, 2021

Social Democrats set date and location of party conference: PSD’s extraordinary party congress to take place on March 10, in Bucharest

The Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) extraordinary party congress will take place on March 10, in Bucharest, the PSD leadership decided at the party’s National Standing Bureau meeting on Wednesday, a meeting that lasted less than an hour. The announcement was made by PSD Spokesperson Adrian Dobre, at the end of the National Standing Bureau meeting.

The PSD party congress will take place at the Palace Hall.

The announcement regarding an extraordinary party congress was made by PSD President Liviu Dragnea a week ago, before the Executive Committee meeting. Liviu Dragnea said he wants to hold the party congress in March and added that he will ask for a vote of reconfirmation during the conference.

Early this week, Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu also talked about this much-awaited party congress. “We will have a party congress in March. In our view, it’s a much-awaited party conference, because some things must be clarified,” the Labour Minister stated on Monday, February 9, during the ‘Romania9’ talk-show moderated by Ionut Cristache on TVR1. “First of all, I believe we should talk about the governance, about the way results were registered or not on certain levels,” Lia Olguta Vasilescu added. “I believe some things must also be clarified regarding persons who are still members of the party’s leadership but who criticise the party from all angles,” the Labour Minister added.

Likewise, after the latest National Executive Committee (NatExCom) meeting, Ecaterina Andronescu had stated: “We discussed that we will have a party congress on March 10 or 17, we’ll see what the most appropriate location will be. We would like for it to take place in Transylvania, if we manage…” According to her, the idea of holding a party congress is timely. “Firstly, because it is a framework in which we can debate the problems that concern society, we can come out of it strengthened and, why not, even with a strategic document on what we have to do next. I believe we should also look ahead,” the PSD Senator argued.


Oprisan: I’ll run for a leadership office at the congress; I didn’t run in 2015 because I had a criminal dossier, now I no longer have one


PSD Vrancea President Marian Oprisan announced on Wednesday, before the party’s National Standing Bureau meeting, that he will run for a party leadership office at the party congress in March, because he did not do so in 2015 since he had a criminal dossier at the time.

“Let’s see what we’ll establish with our colleagues within PSD’s statutory bodies – the Standing Bureau, the next Executive Committee [meeting] –, let’s see what form there will be, and obviously this party conference will take place on the established date. (…) I didn’t run at the party congress in 2015 because I said very clearly that I won’t run because I have a dossier and it’s my dossier, not the party’s dossier. This time, since I’ve proven my innocence before the entire nation, I’m telling you as clearly as possible that I’m going to run for a leadership office within the PSD,” Oprisan said.

Asked whether the structure of PSD’s Standing National Bureau should be modified, Oprisan replied: “If electing a new Standing Bureau at the party congress is called for, yes, without a problem.”


Stefanescu: I’ll run for any office at the party congress, I’m not afraid of the competition


PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Wednesday that he will run for any office at the extraordinary party conference in March, pointing out he does not fear competition.

“You know very well I’ll run, for any office. I’m not afraid of competition within the party. In fact, I was among those who supported the idea of a party conference featuring elections for Vice Presidents too. There will probably be a competition within the party, if we establish this. We haven’t set it in stone yet,” Stefanescu said.

He said he does not know why PSD President Liviu Dragnea has started to find him unlikeable.

“Mr Dragnea said it and that’s that! I don’t know why I’ve become unlikeable for Mr Dragnea lately, because I’m the same Codrin Stefanescu who stood by Liviu Dragnea’s side in very difficult moments and I’m not making desperate efforts to become more likeable, or unlikeable, than I am. I’ll continue to call a spade a spade, to speak my mind just as I have been doing for 28 years,” Stefanescu said.


Stanescu: I no longer want to run for any leadership office within PSD; Dancila has many things to do, I don’t believe she’ll run for the office of Executive President


Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu stated on Wednesday, at the end of PSD’s National Standing Bureau meeting, that he will no longer run for any leadership office within the PSD, and that he believes that Premier Viorica Dancila already has plenty of things to do and will not run for the office of PSD Executive President either.

“I’ll no longer run. I no longer want to run. (…) Everyone runs if they want to, but I’ll no longer run,” Paul Stanescu said.

Asked whether he believes Premier Viorica Dancila will run for the office of PSD Executive President, Paul Stanescu said: “I’ve said it publicly once before. The Prime Minister has very many things to do. The Prime Minister already has a political office, she is the president of the Social Democratic Women. I don’t believe the Prime Minister has thought about this.”



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