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January 19, 2021

Tenacious snow, frigid weather forecast for Bucharest throughout March 2

Frigid weather will persist in the coming days in Bucharest, with snow expected to become abundant starting Monday evening, while the minimum temperatures will reach 18 degrees Celsius below zero, according to a special forecast for Bucharest released by the National Meteorology Administration (ANM), for the period February 26 – March 2, 2018.

On Monday, the cold wave will intensify for most of the time, with wind gusts adding up to the cold sensation. Snow will become abundant especially in the evening and at night, and the wind will pick up speed up to 60-65 km/h. Blowing snow is also expected to get strong. On Tuesday morning, snow depth will vary between 15 and 30 centimetres. The maximum temperature will be minus 8 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature minus 11 and minus 10 degrees Celsius.

The frigid weather and cold wave will persist on Tuesday as well, especially in the morning and at night, with the highs at minus 7 and minus 6 degrees Celsius, and the lows at minus 13 – minus 12 degrees Celsius, possibly as low as minus 15 degrees in the suburbs. Snow will get scarcer on Wednesday, possibly late at night, with snow expected to accumulate 3 to 5 centimeters. The wind’s intensity will fall down to 45-50 km/h.

The same frigid weather will continue throughout Thursday, 08:00, worsening at night, when the temperature will drop to minus 15 – minus 14 degrees Celsius, lower at the periphery, down to minus 18 degrees Celsius. Highs will not exceed minus 8 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists have warned that on Wednesday, nebulosity will be persistent and there will be snow showers that could bring accumulations of 5-8 centimetres; the weather will then get partly cloudy. Winds are expected be weak to moderate, with some intensification at the beginning of the interval, to 40-45 km h.

ANM will update the warning for Bucharest to account for the latest developments and intensity of these phenomena.

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