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August 12, 2022

PM Dancila in Chisinau: Developing bilateral relations, a top priority for the Gov’t of Romania. Moldovan PM Filip: Govt’s of Romania, Rep. of Moldova to hold joint sitting in Chisinau

Developing relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is a top priority of the Government of Romania, Premier Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday in Chisinau, where she met with her Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip.

PM Dancila underlined that the relationship between the two states is “special”.

“It is not just by chance that my first visit is to Chisinau, it is the first visit I make as a Prime Minister and this shows my attachment to the Republic of Moldova. The relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova has been and stays a special one, a theme both societies have expectations of. Developing our relations is a top priority of the Government of Romania and the strategic goal is the European integration of the Republic of Moldova,” Dancila said.

The head of the Romanian Executive said that talks with her counterpart in Chisinau were aimed at “reviewing both the ongoing projects and identifying new initiatives aimed at advancing bilateral cooperation, as well as the European agenda.”

“We have a substantial portfolio of ongoing projects, which have a common thread, the irreversible connection of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union, including to Romania, in terms of energy, infrastructure, institutions and values as well,” added the Prime Minister of the Romanian Government.


Romania wants to increase its investments in Moldova


She specified that Romania wants to increase its investments in Moldova.

At the end of a meeting with her Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip, Dancila said that one of the related priorities of Romania is the operation of the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline.

“The Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau project reconfirms the role of Romania as the main partner of the Republic of Moldova, consistent with the latter’s European integration effort. We discussed in particular the connectivity projects, and the operation of the interconnector Ungheni-Chisinau is a priority not only for Bucharest and Chisinau, as it is a major project with regional relevance on the agenda of the European Union, within the framework of the Eastern dimension policy,” said Dancila.

She added that “the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau project reconfirms Romania’s role as the main partner of the Republic of Moldova consistent with the latter’s European integration effort.”

“I told Prime Minister Filip Romania that Romania wants to increase its investment in the Republic of Moldova. We welcome the progress made in connection with the energy connectivity in the natural gas area, and we are interested in finalising, as soon as possible, the negotiations between Transgaz and the Moldovan partner, while complying with all the conditions,” added Dancila.

Dancila was scheduled to attend on Tuesday afternoon the opening ceremony of the Association of Romanian Investors of the Republic of Moldova. Referring to the association, Dancila said “this will undoubtedly create new opportunities to diversify the presence of Romanian investment and thus contribute to consolidating Romania’s position as the first trade partner of the Republic of Moldova.”

According to  a  press statement released by the Romanian Government prior to Dancila’s visit to Chisinau, the main components of the visit were reconfirming Romania’s support for the European path of the Republic of Moldova, continuing joint projects and strengthening the bilateral economic relations.

“I want to assure Moldovan officials and citizens that Romania will continue to firmly support the Republic of Moldova’s efforts on its European path. Romania’s Government will offer support for boosting the reforms process, including in terms of the priorities taken up by Moldova under its association agreement with the European Union. Our joint projects are meant to contribute to a tighter connection of the Republic of Moldova in the European space and also improve the citizens’ lives,” Dancila is quoted as saying in the statement.

Romania’s governmental delegation was  made up of Deputy PM and Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration Paul Stanescu, Economy Minister Danut Andrusca, Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea.


Moldovan PM Filip: Govt’s of Romania, Rep. of Moldova to hold joint sitting in Chisinau


The Governments of Romania and of the Republic of Moldova will hold in the upcoming period a joint sitting in Chisinau, Moldovan Premier Pavel Filip announced on Tuesday at the end of the meeting with his Romanian counterpart Viorica Dancila.

“Together with Mrs. Prime Minister we surveyed bilateral relations and found they are solid, the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania are excellent. We also highlighted the multiple instruments that can render this dialogue even more productive, I am referring in the first place to the governments’ joint meetings that have been highly efficient in the past and we decided to have another one in the next period and we were pleased to propose that it should take place in Chisinau,” Filip said.

The Moldovan PM stressed that Viorica Dancila’s visit to Chisinau “is highly important because Romania has been and stays the most steadfast supporter of the Republic of Moldova” both on domestic and foreign level.

“We had a constructive and sincere exchange of views, and the proposals made on this occasion reaffirm the desire to strengthen the strategic partnership between our countries. I can say that we found total understanding and support on all the subjects approached. I briefed Mrs. PM Viorica Dancila on our progress with domestic reform and foreign actions in the context of the promotion of our European agenda. In connection with this we expressed our gratitude for the balanced messages promoted by Romania both within bilateral formats and within the Brussels institutions about the Republic of Moldova’s domestic situation and progress made with the implementation of reform. In particular I thanked Romania for its efforts in organizing the meeting.


PM Filip: Romania is top investor in the Republic of Moldova


Romania is the main partner of the Republic of Moldova in trade exchanges and also the top investor in this country, said Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who had a meeting with the Romanian Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, with whom he “evaluated commercial-economic cooperation” between the two states.

“You all know that the Republic of Moldova has increased its exports to the European Union market and accounted for shares of more than 65 per cent, but at the same time we must say the most significant exchanges were with Romania. Last year, we reached 1.3 billion dollars in trade exchanges with Romania, which is our top investor, and not just in terms of trade exchanges, but also of investments. Companies running on Romanian capital are the most numerous when we talk of foreign capital in Moldova,” said the Moldovan head of the Executive.

He voiced his satisfaction over the Banca Transilvania’s entering the market in the Republic of Moldova, by becoming shareholder of Victoriabank.

“The entry of the Banca Transilvania in the Republic of Moldova shouldn’t be regarded as a simple investment or a simple acquisition of a share package. And this also means that the Republic of Moldova became a stable partner, which is a signal for other investors too.

Pavel Filip showed that Transgaz and Banca Transilvania investments in the Republic of Moldova “mean a capital of trust.”




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