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May 14, 2021

Dragnea, about the hearings in the Committee on the Control of SRI: Maior has hidden many things, he didn’t act properly. I will tell many things in the Committee

Soacial Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday that the former SRI head George Maior “has hidden a lot of things” at the hearing in the Committee on the Control of SRI, mentioning that “when he will be invited to the Committee”, he will tell “many things” in his turn.

“Unfortunately, Mr. George Maior has hidden a lot of things yesterday, and I don’t think he acted properly. When I will be invited to the Committee, I will tell many things. (…) I will tell them when I’ll go to the Committee. I am not threating anyone, I’m only sending signals to Mr. Manda, and maybe I’ll give him a martisor” PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated when asked to comment on the statements made by the former SRI head George Maior at the hearing in the Parliamentary Committee on the Control of SRI.


Former SRI head George Maior after his testimony before Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee: It was an extremely interesting and detailed discussion


Former head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior on Tuesday stated, after he had a hearing that lasted approximately 6 hours with the parliamentary committee overseeing the SRI activity, that the discussion was “extremely interesting, extremely detailed.”

“As a general message I reiterate what I said upon entering the hearings. I have come to this committee, as I have always come to hearings in Parliament, to support my point of view related to the lawfulness and the manner in which this service has changed into a strong institution of the Romanian state, which ensured the national security of its citizens, and also the fact that I carried out my mandate under the strict umbrella of the law,” said Maior.

He also added that, during the hearings, there were many questions related to the relation between the SRI and Justice.

“If anti-corruption is an issue of national security, as it was defined by the CSAT [the Supreme Council of National Defence], by the meetings with members of the Government, politicians, by the affirmations of some persons who came to the committee in relation to the mass media. All these details will be given to you by Mr. President, who was extremely active and full of energy in generating a very serious debate in the committee. We agreed that, to any additional matter, I will always answer in good faith and I will now go back to my job in the US,” said the former head of the SRI.


Committee head Manda: Maior confirmed in his testimony parties that took place in SRI offices, with Ponta, Dragnea and Kovesi attending


Former head of Romania’s Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior confirmed in a testimony on Tuesday before Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee the parties that took place at the SRI headquarters of Romania’s National Day, the SRI Day, birthdays, including Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea, Laura Codruta Kovesi, Livia Stanciu, says committee chairman Claudiu Manda.

“A theme related to parties or events hosted by SRI headquarters was approached. He [Maior] confirmed that such events would be held on the occasion of the National Day of Romania, the SRI Day or his or his first deputy’s birthday or name day. He also confirmed the list of the attendees. We had previously got other names as well all Romanian force units from the Public Prosecution Service, police, intelligence services, courts, political party leaders, Cabinet members, some of which made it to the public space. He confirmed them, saying that some came more often, others more rarely, but the people from the public space, he confirmed them, saying that there is nothing wrong with that, with being an informal discussion between people who have formal and institutional relationships,” said Manda.

Asked about the people whom George Maior confirmed to have attended these informal events, Manda mentioned members of the Government, Victor Ponta and Liviu Dragnea, but also former head of the Supreme Court Livia Stanciu and chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi.

“At those socialising events, mentions were made of heads of institutions. They concluded members of the government – [former] Prime Minister Victor Ponta, [former] Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea (…) In addition to the names of government members, mentions were made of heads of the STS [Special Telecommunications Service], the SIE [Foreign Intelligence Service], the SPP [Special Guard and Protection Service], intelligence gathering organisations – DGA, DGIPI -the Prosecutor’s Office with the Supreme Court. I cannot confirm about [incumbent attorney general] Lazar, but people in the management of prosecutor’s offices, prosecutors, courthouses- in this case Mrs Livia Stanciu – I also said about Mrs Kovesi,” said Manda.

Maior mentioned that the people who would show up were usually the same.

“We did not go into details to see whether there were differences; the usual people were from prosecutorial offices, the army, law enforcement organisations, SIE, STS, SPP, the Supreme Court’s management. He said that there were meetings at K2 and T14 and that was the question of the slaughtering of a pig, and he said there was a Christmas meal and so, which he confirmed it existed. I guess both Mr Dragnea and Mrs Kovesi have confirmed that the Christmas meal happened,” added Manda.


Manda: Maior confirmed that he had meetings and discussions with media leaders


Former head of Romania’s Intelligence Service (SRI) George Maior confirmed on Tuesday in a testimony before Parliament’s SRI Oversight Committee that he would have meetings and discussions with leaders of media organisations, but none were at his request, says committee chair Claudiu Manda.

“He was asked about the relationship with the media and his involvement with the press. He said he would have meetings and discussions with people in the leadership of media organisations. He did not want to give names, but when he was asked for names, he replied that in general these discussions were at the initiative of some people in the leadership of media organisations, not at his initiative, and that he did not ask in any way for aid or support to advance Romania’s interests related to counter-terrorism, and that he never gave orders for local politics to support SRI promotion campaigns or political partisanship,” Manda said.

According to Manda, Maior confirmed that he had talks with embattled media mogul Adrian Sarbu.

Manda added that Maior claimed SRI stack to neutrality in the elections.

He also mentioned a meeting that Maior confirmed with fugitive media mogul Sebastian Ghita and “a person at the helm of a foreign intelligence service.”

“There was one more thing that I mentioned and he confirmed that there was a meeting of him, Mr Ghita, a person at the helm of a foreign intelligence service. And with regard to [chief anti-graft prosecutor] Ms Kovesi, he said that he does not want or does not remember [her being at the meeting], but from what I understand from other intelligence is that Mrs Kovesi did attend such a meeting on the SRI premises,” said Manda.


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