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February 3, 2023

Minister for Romanians Abroad Intotero in Ukraine: We focus on maintaining unaffected right to education and information in Romanian language

Romania focuses on maintaining unaffected the right to education and information in the Romanian language on Ukrainian territory, Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Elena-Intotero (2nd L) stated during a visit she conducted in the neighbouring country on Friday and Saturday.

“The Ministry for Romanians Abroad (MpRP) grants an enhanced importance to historical communities, to the rights of the Romanian ethnics from neighbouring countries being supported and respected. The Romanian community in Ukraine represents a priority for the ministry. In our demarches for protecting and promoting the rights of people belonging to the Romanian minority, we focus on maintaining unaffected the right to education and information in the Romanian language,” Intotero pointed out, according to a press release of the Ministry.

She requested that the recommendations made by the Venice commission, including the amendment of article 7 of the Education Law in Ukraine, be fully assumed.

“The Venice Commission recommends the actual consultation of the minority’s representatives when adopting normative acts that aim at the rights of people belonging to the national minorities,” the Minister showed. She also highlighted the need to continue consultations with the representatives of the Romanian community in the reformation process of the public broadcasting.

The release specifies that on the first day of the visit, the Romanian dignitary met in Cernauti with the region’s Governor, with the Chairman of the Regional Council and with the city’s deputy mayor.

On this occasion, Natalia Intotero proposed the cooperation with local and regional authorities in view of retrofitting and refurbishing “Aron Pumnul” Memorial House. The minister visited the secondary school with teaching in Romanian in Ostrita-Mahala, where she gave pupils martisoare (trinkets with white-and-red braided thread with silk tassels, ed.n.) and school bags with supplies.

On the second visit, the Minister went to Transcarpatia, where she visited the History and Ethnography Museum of Romanians and the Romanian-teaching high school, “Mihai Eminescu”, in Solotvino/Slatina. The visit in Transcarpatia ended with a meeting with the regions’ Vice Governor. Just as in Cernauti, the MpRP’s delegation offered school bags with supplies to be given in the coming days to Romanian pupils in Transcarpatia region, through Romania’s Consulate in Solotvino.

On the sidelines of the working visit to Ukraine, Romania’s consular posts helped organise meetings between the Minister for Romanians Abroad with representatives of the Romanian communities in Cernauti and Transcarpatia. On this occasion, the Romanian official presented MpRP’s schedule for 2018 and the measures package adopted by the Romanian Gov’t for backing the rights to education in the Romanian language of the community’s members in Ukraine.The best ways to implement this package were also discussed, the current situation of the Romanian minorities in Ukraine, as well as opportunities of participation in the Ministry’s projects.

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