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PSD National Executive Committee will convene on Monday in a preliminary meeting before the Congress of March 10

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) will convene on Monday morning at the Parliament’s Palace, in a preparatory meeting of the Extraordinary Congress of March 10, when Liviu Dragnea will ask for the vote of reconfirmation as the Chairman of the party.

At the last Executive Committee, the PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced that he wants the organization of an Extraordinary Congress at which he will ask for a vote of reconfirmation of his position inside the party and a redefinition of the government program. The date of the Congress was set in the party’s National Standing Bureau of February 21.

PSD spokesman Adrian Dobre stated that it will be discussed at the CExN meeting before the Congress if changing the structure of the National Standing Bureau (BPN) is necessary, as well as about the changes proposed for the party’s Statute.

According to the PSD Statute, the Extraordinary Congress meets at the request of the National Executive Committee, of the PSD Parliamentary Groups from the two Chambers, or of at least 16 county or district organizations of PSD. This Congress is formed by delegates elected by the Extraordinary Conferences of the county and Bucharest organizations, according to the Representation Norm provided by the statute.

The PSD Extraordinary Congress convenes in order to exercise its statutory attributions, as well as in the following cases: when fixed-term or early local, parliamentary, European Parliament or presidential elections, are organized, in order to prepare them or to assess the results; in order to amend the PSD Statute or the party’s Political Program, in special cases.

The PSD Vrancea Chairman Marian Oprisan and the Deputy Secretary General of the party Codrin Stefanescu already announced that they will run for leading positions at the PSD Congress, while the General Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea announced that if the PSD Women Organization will recommend her for a leading position, she will run for a Vice Chairman position.

Marian Oprisan said he will run for a leading position inside the party at the March Congress because in 2015 he didn’t do it because he was subject to a criminal case. “Let’s see what we’ll establish in the PSD statutory bodies, in the Standing Bureau, in the next Executive Committee, together with my colleagues, let’s see what form will exist, and this Congress will obviously be held at the set date (…) I didn’t run at the 2015 Congress because I was very clear that I’ll not run due to a criminal case of which I was a subject and it’s my case, not the party’s case. This time, since I proved to the whole nation that I am innocent, I am as clear as possible that I will run for a leading position inside PSD” Oprisan stated.

Codrin Stefanescu also stated that he will run for a position inside of the party and that he is not afraid of competition. “You know very well that I will run for any position, I’m not afraid of the competition from inside the party. I was even the one who supported the idea of a Congress with elections also for Vice Chairmen. There will probably exist a competition inside the party, if we will decide this. All of us, including our colleagues from CEx, have to discuss and vote” he said.


PSD’s Firea: If my colleagues recommend me, I will candidate for Vice-Chairman of PSD


General Mayor of the Capital City Gabriela Firea on Friday stated that she will candidate for the office of Vice-Chairman of the PSD, if she is recommended by her colleagues from the women organization, but she rejected at the same time the possibility of her becoming a presidential candidate.

“If my colleagues from the women organization recommend me, I will thank them and I will feel honored to run for the office of Vice-Chairman of the PSD. I would like it not for the job itself, since my most important activity is the City Hall, but rather thinking it would normal for Bucharest to have a political representative in the National Standing Bureau of the party. We have a lot of issues and I believe that Bucharest’s voice must be heard in such an important forum of a party who is currently governing the country,” specified Firea, at the Forum “Real Estate Market: Trends and Objectives for 2018,” organized by Intact Media Group at the Parliament Palace.

Asked whether she considered the possibility of becoming a candidate for Romania’s presidential office, Firea said no.

In respect to the allegations that she and Ecaterina Andronescu would be ready to start a war against party leader Liviu Dragnea, Gabriela Firea said that she was more concerned with removing the snow from the capital city than with starting “revolutions in the party.”

“I saw that some people were suggesting I and Mrs. Andronescu have started a war against Mr. Chairman Liviu Dragnea. I have not been doing such a thing for, as you all know, I have been removing the snow from the city all week, and even the most active of my critics admitted that we did a great job removing the snow, and even those who were crying yesterday on the shoulders of those who are protesting in the Victoria Square for they didn’t have a place where to protest anymore because there was a huge pile right there, were surprised today to see there was no snow left in Victoria Square and that the city hall’s special vehicles melted the snow overnight. Three such vehicles melted all the snow, so I am busy doing that and not revolutions in the party,” said Gabriela Firea.


Several PSD organizations in the country are adopting resolutions to support Dragnea as the head of the party


PSD Buzau will send 140 delegates at the Congress who are mandated to support the current Government and Liviu Dragnea as the head of the party


PSD Buzau will send a delegation of 140 persons at the Congress who are mandated to support the current Government, the government program and Liviu Dragnea as the head of the party; the decision was taken on Saturday, at the second Extraordinary County Conference since the leadership of the organization has been taken by MP Marcel Ciolacu.

According to the PSD Buzau Chairman, MP Marcel Ciolacu, they will go at the Extraordinary Congress of the next Saturday “To support the current Government, the PSD government program and Liviu Dragnea as the head of the party”.

The almost 300 delegates that were present unanimously voted the list proposed by the PSD Buzau leadership, which includes parliamentarians, the President of the County Council and the two Vice President, the mayors and the deputy of the municipalities, the heads of the organizations, mayors for the rural areas who are not heads of the organizations, as well as county and municipal councilors.

“We, as a powerful PSD organization, would like, and I find it absolutely natural, if there is any possibility, to have a representative at the top of PSD, because the organization deserves it, it proved by its results and by the quality of the people who entered the Parliament and the Government. I am speaking as a party member and as the Executive Chairman, and I want to tell you that I didn’t talk with Mr. Ciolacu on this issue. However, I believe it’s the greatest success of Buzau until now, the results achieved at the last elections and the fact that we could send so many valuable people in the Government” stated the PSD Executive Chairman Petre Emanoil Neagu, referring to the former Vice PM Marcel Ciolacu, the head of the PSD Buzau county organization.

Ciolacu stated he’s not interested in a leading position inside the party, especially now, but he said he will think of whom he will support from inside the organization for a possible position in the central leadership of the party.


Liviu Dragnea, Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Paul Stanescu received the support of PSD Dolj for the party’s leadership


The Social Democrats of Dolj approved on Saturday, in an extraordinary congress of the branch, a resolution deciding to continue to support Liviu Dragnea as the PSD Chairman. At the same time, PSD Dolj supports Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Paul Stanescu as Vice Chairmen.

Those who were present at the Oltenia Philharmonic Hall from Craiova, at the PSD Dolj Extraordinary Congress, unanimously voted on Saturday for continuing to support Liviu Dragnea as the party Chairman, for the results achieved in the last parliamentary elections and for “fulfilling the objectives assumed in the government program”.

By another resolution, the Social Democrats of Dolj also unanimously announced their support, at the PSD Congress of March 10, for the candidates for the following leading positions: Executive Chairman – Marian Neacsu, Vice Chairpersons – Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Paul Stanescu.

Other adopted resolutions were related to the PSD Dolj’s support for the project on the rehabilitation of the “Carol I” College from Craiova and on building a regional hospital.

PSD Dolj also supports building the Craiova-Pitesti express road, which currently is subject of the public procurement procedure.

157 PSD members will support these resolutions at the next National Executive Committee of the party.


PSD Constanta County Organization adopted a resolution supporting Liviu Dragnea


The Social Democrats of Constanta adopted on Friday, by a unanimity vote, a resolution by which they reassert their trust and “total support” for the PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea.

The Social Democrats of Constanta met on Friday in the Great Hall of the unions’ Culture House in the municipality, at the Extraordinary County Conference of the Social Democrat Party’s local branch, where the 123 delegates to represent PSD Constanta at the Extraordinary Congress of March 10 from Bucharest have been appointed.

“A resolution by which the Social Democrats of Constanta reassert their trust for the Chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea, has been adopted at the event by a unanimity vote” the party’s representatives stated in a press release.



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