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July 26, 2021

UDMR’s Kelemen: Cooperation with PSD-ALDE or none at all – the only choices, as opposition offers no option. PNL has become an ultranationalist and anti-Hungarian party

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor said on Saturday at the Council of Union Representatives (CRU) taking place in Targu Mures that his formation has come under fire for having nailed a deal with the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition, but underscored that these were the only political parties willing to sit down for dialogue, unlike opposition parties.

“I said we cooperate in Parliament with the PSD-ALDE coalition because they were and are willing to cooperate and engage in dialogue. We don’t come to terms on all the projects, we don’t back all of their projects, and they don’t support all of our projects either, but there is a dialogue going on and they are willing to look for solutions together. I would have liked us to also have a dialogue with the opposition, but except for the Save Romania Union (USR), with whom we managed to dialogue on certain subjects and who manifest a certain openness, there is no such possibility with the other opposition parties, the National Liberal Party (PNL) has become ultranationalist, anti-Hungarian, they don’t seem interested in anything else, they challenge the establishment of a Hungarian-language school in the Constitutional Court, this is not against UDMR, this is against the Hungarian community, the school does not belong to UDMR. Well, it’s their decision, but I think they are making an even bigger mistake with approaches like ‘in time UDMR will swallow their anger’. As for the People’s Movement Party (PMP), I cannot comment anymore about party head Basescu”, said Kelemen Hunor.

He added that UDMR has no other choice but cooperate if they don’t want to isolate themselves in Parliament, because they only have 7 percent and need 43 percent of the votes even for even the smallest-scale projects to pass.

“These are the options at hand, either with PSD-ALDE, or with no one, because there is no one to join forces with on the other side”, said Kelemen Hunor.


UDMR’s first reaction in the context of the request to dismiss the DNA head. Kelemen: There is no rational discussion, we cannot have a tinted discussion  


At the end of Kelemen Hunor’s political report, on the occasion of the meeting of the Union Representatives Council, a journalist noted that the UDMR leader made a complex radiography of the political situation in Romania, but he didn’t talk about the issue related to the Justice Ministry and DNA; the UDMR leader mentioned that he didn’t speak about this matter on purpose.

“I didn’t speak about this matter on purpose, because the institution is necessary, the institution is OK, and I see that there is no rational discussion on this issue, we cannot have a tinted discussion, it’s white or black. There are no shades, and this is a very, very serious matter. As for the institution, I cannot tell you anything else than what I’ve already told you. We need this institution, we need clear rules and we need separation of powers. I see right now everybody is having a fight, the opposition, those who are ruling and part of the judiciary, first of all prosecutors and all the related segments. It is a fight for power. We’re not interested in this! This is why I didn’t refer to this matter. Also, the person of the Chief-Prosecutor or of the leader of the institution is not something I want to talk about either. She said she’s perfect and she’ll not resign. Iohannis said he’s very pleased with the performance of this person, so everything’s clear, she will stay until her term will expire, it’s OK like this, the expiration of her term is next year, I think. I don’t have any reason to talk on this issue, this is why I didn’t talk about it, and I believe that if the most important topic in Romania, in 2018 and 2019, will be what to do with somebody with whom we cannot do anything, anyway, or with an institution which in the end is necessary, and which is not the problem, since the problem is other, then we’ll miss this year, too. Romanian politics will miss one year and will do nothing” Klemen Hunor stated.

The UDMR leader added that right now, “Romania’s problems are others”.


“There are so many problems in the Administrative Code that this version should be rejected or substantially amended, because it is unconstitutional”


There are so many problems in the Administrative Code that this version should be rejected or substantially amended, because it is unconstitutional and offers “exaggerated powers to the prefects and deputy prefects” the UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday at Targu-Mures.

Kelemen Hunor stated for the press, at the meeting of the Union Representatives Council, referring to the Administrative Code, that he thinks that politicians didn’t read it when they approved it in the Government’s meeting, since it provides a hyper-centralization, while the government program provides a decentralization.

“An administrative reform and an accentuated decentralization is what we are interested in. I saw in the Administrative Code, it is subject to the Senate’s debate, there are so many problems that we shouldn’t even discuss it, we should reject this version or substantially amend it, because this Administrative Code, above the Constitution, gives exaggerated powers to the prefects and deputy prefects, and my opinion is that it unconstitutional and it centralizes the decision, instead of decentralizing them. I think that politicians didn’t read it when they approved it in the Government’s meeting. Otherwise, I have no explanation why the government program provides decentralization, while the Administrative Code provides a hyper-centralization or an intention of hyper-centralization. We must discuss about the social system, or we won’t be able to eradicate poverty” Kelemen Hunor stated.

The UDMR leader added that we know what the problems are since 20 years, and the social system is not reformed due to “political reasons”.

“I believe we could have a dialogue about the future in 2018, because celebrations pass, the year passes and if we’ll get nothing else but a few inaugurated monuments, I think Romania will make the biggest mistake in this moment” Kelemen said.

He mentioned that there is a parliamentary cooperation with PSD and ALDE, which parties are willing to have a dialogue, but they don’t agree on all the projects.

He also said that in 100 years, Romania wasn’t able to “defeat Carpathian Mountains”.

“We cannot accept that Romania is made up of the development poles, and the rest of the territory must be forgotten, it must be deserted, it must be lacking in investments. We couldn’t break the Carpathian Mountains with any highways, and now I see we have problems also in the plain area, we are not able to build highways even there, too. Without a well-established road infrastructure, we won’t be able to attract investors and have a sustainable economic development. Without a railway infrastructure, we cannot discuss and we cannot talk about a country with all its capacities and resources available to attract investors. If we won’t be able to think about a very serious administrative reform, we will have a long-term problem again. The administrative reform must also mean a rapprochement between the different regions, because the discrepancy has increased, it hasn’t decreased in the recent period, and it continues to increase” Hunor stated.


“Since 2007, Romania looks like a ship without a captain on a raging sea”


UDMR’s Kelemen Hunor also stated on Saturday, at Targu-Mures, that since 2007, when Romania joined European Union, it didn’t have any country project, and the country looks “like a ship without a captain on a raging sea”.

Kelemen Hunor stated for the press on Saturday, that at the meeting of the Union Representatives Council he spoke about the lack of a country project in Romania, which is the country’s biggest problem.

“This morning I spoke and analyzed, first of all, Romania’s situation in 2018; since we don’t have a current political stake, our meeting has the possibility to make a more relaxed analysis, and I said that the country’s biggest problem is the lack of vision, the lack of a country project. The last country project, if we can call it like this, was our entry into the European Union. Since 2007, Romania looks like a ship without a captain on a raging sea, it doesn’t know where it wants to go and it doesn’t know exactly what the direction is” Kelemen Hunor stated.

He also added that in the Centenary year, a country project should be identified, and political parties should have a permanent dialogue.

“I believe that in the Centenary year we should be available to dialogue, we should discuss about the future, about our common future, about Romania’s future, because we know everything that the past means, we cannot divide. We might not reach an agreement, this is not our purpose anyway, but let’s talk about the future, let’s try find a country project, let’s try reach an agreement, it would be extremely necessary, and we are making now a proposal, calling all the parties to a permanent dialogue throughout the year” the UDMR leader stated.

Last but not least, Hunor said that Romania will make its biggest mistake if 2018 will pass with only a few inaugurated monuments.

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