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December 1, 2021

Victor Ponta: What happens on the political scene is a poor-taste farce

Former Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Victor Ponta claims that everything happening on the political scene is a poor-taste farce. Ponta points out that Liviu Dragnea, Klaus Iohannis and Laura Codruta Kovesi have a deal and in the final scene they will kiss and make up.

“Mr Frans Timmermans has come to Bucharest to see in person Dragnea & Co (the “tigers” that break the television sets in prime time and fight Kovesi and the “Deep State” up to the last drop of blood)! And possibly to make giant efforts to bring them back on the EU’s ‘straight path.’

“And at the Lower House he found wet cats who meowed at him that ‘they don’t know anything and have nothing to do with the demand to have Kovesi dismissed’ or with the bills (that have at any rate come from the CCR and are laid out to dry in the warehouse)! I was expecting Dragnea to tell Timmermans, just like in the case of OUG 13/2017, that he ‘was not in the country and doesn’t know what this is about’!

“I’m sorry that journalists and honest people (or pathologically naïve people like Mr Plesoianu) have once again been cynically used only as bargaining chips so that Dragnea’s dossiers would be postponed until kingdom come in Teleorman!

“A poor-taste farce! In the end, Catavancu Dragnea and Mrs Joitica Kovesi (plus Trahanache Klaus) will kiss and make up in the final scene – and we will mind our own affairs; just like Mr Timmermans!” former PM Victor Ponta pointed out.

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