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September 18, 2020

DNA’s Kovesi: One billion euros should reach the state budget as result of DNA investigations

Approximately 1 billion euros should reach the state budget as a result of the investigations conducted by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), chief prosecutor of the DNA Laura Codruta Kovesi said on Tuesday.

She told a press conference on recovery of damages related to the various case files already knowing their final rulings that the fact that the money does not actually land in the state budget has nothing to do with the legislation, but with the manner in which court rulings are observed, and they should be observed.

“I also believe that recovering the damages is important. We must think of the specific of the DNA investigations, for we are talking here of high level corruption crimes, of people in high offices with impressive estates. And our expectations are higher when it comes to the recovery of the prejudice in such cases,” Kovesi told a press conference hosted by the Media Investigations Centre.

She also said that the statistical data indicate that this priority was indeed accomplished, at least by the DNA prosecutors.

“These are significant figures. If we managed to identify the goods, then we would be ready to seize the goods, but we should wonder what happens with all these court decisions. For we, as prosecutors, accomplished out duties, but what follows next it’s the duty of the fiscal bodies,” said Kovesi.

She specified that when speaking of freezing the goods she speaks only about the goods existing on the Romanian territory, while she is also interested in the criminals’ tendency to open accounts in other countries.

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