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December 7, 2021

The “George Enescu” Philharmonic Choir will hold a concert to celebrate 130 years since the inauguration of the Romanian Athenaeum

On Wednesday, March 7, at 19.00, in the Great Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum, the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Choir proposes an anniversary concert to celebrate 130 years sin the inauguration of the emblem building of the Romanian culture in front of the whole world.

A conference held by the writer Alexandru Odobescu was celebrating, 130 years ago, the opening of the gates of the Romanian Athenaeum for the large public from Bucharest and from the country.

“We celebrate this moment with a program designed to highlight the history of the Romanian music, which was also written between the walls of this splendid building. Eduard Wachmann was the first conductor of this symphonic orchestra and of the first and oldest Philharmonic in the country, the third one existing in Europe, following Vienna and Budapest. Eduard Wachmann was a composer, too. From his creation, we chose LITURGY NO.2, a score in the first audition on a concert stage. We are in the Common Fasting of the Easter Holiday, and we propose two religious works, the MOTETES OP/29 by Johannes Brahms. The second motet is performed in the first audition on the stage of the Romanian Athenaeum. The scores signed by Giuseppe Verdi and Pietro Mascagni also have close connections with the history of the building we honor. Verdi was and still is one of the most beloved composers of the Romanian audience. Mascagni conducted the Symphonic Orchestra of the Philharmonic during the interwar period, on the stage of the Great Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum” reads a press release.

The anniversary concert will be conducted by conductor Iosif Ion Prunner, while Andrei Licaret will play piano.

Members of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra in the Atheneum Brass Quintet are among the guests. They will perform famous works by Johann Pachelbell and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozzart in their own sonorities.

“We are glad that publicist Sever Voinescu accepted to preface this homage concert which is very important to us and to the institution we belong to” Master Iosif Ion Prunner, the conductor of the choir, stated.



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