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September 19, 2021

Ambassador Todor Ivanov Churov marks Bulgaria’s National Day in Ploiesti

For the second consecutive year, Bulgarian Ambassador to Romania Todor Ivanov Churov marked his country’s National Day in Prahova County. In fact, it has become a tradition for March 3rd, the National Day of Bulgaria, to be celebrated in Ploiesti at the Mountain Troops Monument.

In 2018, just as happened last year, the Bulgarian Embassy in Bucharest celebrated the National Day of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ploiesti, Prahova County, in the presence of a large delegation headed by Ambassador Todor Ivanov Churov, the event consisting of a ceremony at the Mountain Troops Monument, followed by a meeting at the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The ceremony at the Mountain Troops Monument started with a religious service in the memory of the heroes. Archimandrite Victor Mutafov – representative of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church – took part in the religious service. The religious service was followed by speeches and the laying of wreaths on the part of the Bulgarian ambassador and of local and county authorities. This ceremony is already a tradition in early March in Ploiesti, through its presence in Prahova the Bulgarian side wanting to remind the fact that, during the period that preceded the War of Independence, detachments of Bulgarian volunteers were trained in Ploiesti, with the local authorities’ consent.

After the ceremony, the Bulgarian delegation, accompanied by local and county officials, took part in a working meeting at the headquarters of the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the talks focusing on opportunities for institutional, economic, and cultural collaboration between the Romanian and the Bulgarian sides. During the meeting, Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Aurelian Gogulescu talked about a traditional relationship between the two neighbouring and friendly countries, emphasising the fact that the presence in Ploiesti of the Bulgarian Honorary Consulate in Romania is significant for the development of relations between the two countries. At the same time, Aurelian Gogulescu reminded the fact that, in 2012, the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Region of Sofia signed a protocol of collaboration, and in recent years the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry has carried out several actions in Sofia, Bucharest, Ruse and Veliko-Tarnovo.

In his turn, pointing out that he feels at home, considering that this is his second consecutive presence in Ploiesti in his capacity as ambassador, on the National Day of Bulgaria, Todor Ivanov Churov stated that the events organised in Prahova represent a way of commemorating the heroes, but also of maintaining the traditions of collaboration between the two countries. In this context, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Bucharest pointed out that from an economic standpoint bilateral trade totalled EUR 4 billion in 2017, emphasising that he is convinced that the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry had a contribution to this result.

In this context, the Bulgarian diplomat emphasised that the existence of relations of friendship, but also of business between Romania and Bulgaria represents one of the reasons why Bulgaria’s Honorary Consulate is located in Ploiesti. At the same time, the Bulgarian Ambassador also emphasised that he expects Ploiesti to host a Romanian-Bulgarian business forum this year, underscoring that all the necessary overtures will be made so that Ploiesti and Sofia would become sister cities. Present at the meeting hosted by the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ploiesti Deputy Mayor George Pana expressed his delight with the Bulgarian Ambassador’s proposition. Thus, pointing out that the Ploiesti City Hall is open to collaboration on both the economic and cultural planes, the Deputy Mayor said that the cultural partnership should start through a collaboration between the ‘Paul Constantinescu’ Philharmonic of Ploiesti and a counterpart institution from Bulgaria.


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