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May 22, 2022

Deputies’ Chamber rejects simple motion on Education lodged by the Liberals

The Chamber of Deputies rejected on Wednesday, by 93 votes in favour, 158 against and one abstention, the simple motion on Education lodged by the deputies of the National Liberal Party (PNL) called “Romania’s education, do not PSD-ise it! (PSD – the Social Democratic Party, ed. n.).

The motion was debated in the sitting on Monday.

The Liberals requested, through the motion, the removal from office of Education Minister Valentin Popa and the text mentioned that the Education Ministry should not be transformed into a social center hiring the party’s clientele. The PNL requested the Education Minister to provide guarantees that schools won’t be closed, classes won’t be merged, the simultaneous education won’t be generalised, (teaches and auxiliary staff) won’t be fired from the system, there won’t be any delays of salaries and there will be enough funds for wages until the end of the year. Moreover, the Liberals also requested to MPs not to hesitate in giving a “black ball” [vote] to the Education Ministry if they have problems in their constituencies.

Education Minister Valentin Popa rejected the allegation, claiming that the motion filed by the Liberals is “simplistic,” includes “attacks and labels” and the lack of arguments is supplemented by language violence.

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