Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador to Romania accepts challenge of becoming the ambassador of Prahova too

After the Bulgarian Ambassador was in Ploiesti to mark his country’s National Day at the end of last week, Prahova County authorities received the visit of another diplomat early this week. We are talking about Cord Meier-Klodt, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania. He wanted to get to know the institutional and economic realities of Prahova County, but also to talk with the representatives of local and county authorities, of the Prahova County’s business environment, but also to get to know the German investments in the county. The diplomat was very pleased with what he saw, and since he was asked to support the development of Romanian-German relations especially at local level, Cord Meier-Klodt accepted the challenge of being the ambassador of Prahova too.

On March 5, German Ambassador Cord Meier-Klodt paid a visit to Prahova County. Accompanied by Swantje Kortemeyer, the embassy’s first secretary on economic and commercial affairs, in the first part of the visit the diplomat met the representatives of the Ploiesti City Hall, of the Prahova County Council and of the Prefecture, then took part in a meeting at the Ploiesti offices of the Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Minister for Business Environment, Commerce and Entrepreneurship Radu Oprea took part in all talks, alongside the Prahova County authorities, as host.

During his talks with the local authorities, the German ambassador outlined a series of important conditions that need to be met to attract investors, including investors from his country, the most important of them being the existence of transport infrastructure and specialised workforce. Pointing out that the German diplomat’s visit to Prahova is very important, a good opportunity for him to see the county’s strong points, Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Aurelian Gogulescu stated: “You are the representative of an extremely important country, an example of organisation, of economic and social development. Especially for our country you are an example we need. Germany is Romania’s top partner, ensuring 20 percent of the trade volume, and second – behind Netherlands – in what concerns foreign investments, covering 11.5 percent of them.

In Prahova there are 161 companies with German capital, representing 9.15 percent of the total number of foreign capital companies. Prahova has very many elements that stand out – the University of Ploiesti, oil, red wine, tourism, each of them being a kind of ambassador for the county abroad. Likewise, the county can take pride in having 11 industrial parks, five of which are private, where very many investors have developed their businesses. We want you to be an ambassador of Prahova in Germany and in attracting German investors in Prahova. We need the German investments.”

With the note that Ambassador Cord Meier-Klodt addressed those present at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romanian too, the diplomat specified that the visit in Ploiesti was planned several months ago. “My presence in Prahova is a visit that comes at a strategic moment, because the Romanian economy has grown in a dynamic manner, and when success appears challenges appear too. One challenge is seen where there are already major German investments, in Brasov, Cluj or Timisoara, and where we are in the situation of having a very difficult time finding highly-skilled workforce. I have noticed that while several years ago German companies were travelling on beaten paths to develop their businesses in Romania, now alternatives are being sought. I consider that major opportunities are now being created for other Romanian regions too. It’s very important for each region to convey strong messages, but also for there to be people who would convey these messages. Consequently, finding out that you already have a series of domains considered to be the county’s ambassadors abroad, I would like to become Prahova County’s ambassador in Germany. Prahova is an interesting region that must be sought by potential investors. Personally, I have discovered very many business development opportunities,” the German Ambassador to Romania stated.

In his turn, Minister Radu Oprea stated that the German Ambassador’s visit to Prahova can be considered a strategic visit. In this context, the minister added: “The fact that foreign investors have come to Prahova is very important, being a signal that they can develop successful businesses here. On the part of the Business Environment Ministry there is complete openness toward dialogue, dialogue being the most important element for businessmen. And the governmental signal for the business environment is one of support and confidence.”

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