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March 23, 2023

Nicolae Banicioiu files bid for PSD Executive President office. Adrian Tutuianu and Serban Valeca to run for PSD Vice President offices

On Wednesday, PSD Vice President Nicolae Banicioiu filed his bid for the office of PSD Executive President, stating that PSD should answer all the questions of Romanian society, because it is doing very many good things, such as raising salaries.

“I would like PSD to answer all questions from Romanian society, primarily related to the governance programme, because we want to do very many good things – we’re raising salaries, you recall my project on salaries in the healthcare sector, which started in 2014, 2015, and is being continued now too. We are doing good things in taxation too – my colleagues are having very many discussions in order to find the best solution. We want to win over as much of Romania’s undecided or still undecided voters as possible,” Nicolae Banicioiu stated.

He added that he wants PSD to win voters from all categories.

“I’m also giving the young as an example, whom I believe this party must represent, people of my generation, who are no longer as young but who have very many things to say regarding the development of Romanian society and especially on the professional side too. PSD must give answers, must offer society answers to everything that professional training means too, a party that has experience and especially expertise,” Banicioiu added.

Also on Wednesday, PSD sources stated for Mediafax that PSD Dambovita President and former Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu will run for the office of Vice President of the South-Muntenia region at PSD’s party conference on March 10.

Ciprian Pandea and Rovana Plumb have also been mentioned in relation to this office.

PSD House lawmaker Rovana Plumb stated on Wednesday, at the Palace of Parliament, that she will not run for the office of PSD Vice President, pointing out that she would back Interior Minister Carmen Dan if she were to run for the Muntenia region.

“I’ve said that at the party conference I won’t run for an office of regional vice president. I consider that there are many colleagues who can hold this office and I’ll gladly support them. (…) I believe it’s time for other colleagues of mine to have their say in politics. (…) If she (Interior Minister Carmen Dan – editor’s note) files her bid for the Muntenia region, I will definitely support her,” Rovana Plumb stated.


Serban Valeca: I’ll run for the office of Vice President. Catalin Radulescu had one vote


PSD Arges President Serban Valeca stated on Wednesday that at the party conference he will run for the office of Vice President for the South-Muntenia region, pointing out that PSD House lawmaker Catalin Radulescu “had one vote” and that one needs to be validated at county level to run for office at the party conference.

“I’ll run for the office of Vice President in the South-Muntenia region. (…) I’m a guy who observes procedures and regulations. An extended Executive Committee meeting took place, with 150-200 persons, members of the Executive Committee and Arges County Council members. Two nominations were made. The nomination for myself – there was a unanimous vote. Someone nominated Mr Radulescu and not even the person who nominated him voted for him. I did. So, Mr Radulescu got one vote, after which Monday’s ExCom meeting established that each county can nominate one male candidate and one female candidate. It’s the ExCom’s decision. All procedures were observed,” PSD Arges President Serban Valeca stated.

Serban Valeca stated that one’s bid has to be validated by one’s party branch in order to run for office at the party conference.

“I think that more than asking for the endorsement of the local branch… because if your county doesn’t support you either, how could you win the votes of another six or seven counties? So, in my opinion it was a wise decision on the part of the ExCom, because it was natural for him to be validated in the said county and then to go at the party conference,” Valeca said.

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