SRI Committee rejects USR’s proposal to hear Liviu Dragnea on March 20

The Parliamentary Committee for the Control of the Activity of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) rejected on Tuesday the proposal of the Save Romania Union (USR) to hear the Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber, Liviu Dragnea, on March 20; the date when he will be invited to come before the Committee will be established later, stated the ALDE MP Marian Cucsa, the Committee’s Vice Chairman.

“The USR representative proposed to hear Liviu Dragnea on March 20. This proposed date wasn’t accepted. Of course, Liviu Dragnea will be heard by the SRI Committee, and we will announce the date of the hearing. The hearing is not possible to be scheduled for March 20, because the hearings have been postponed, so he cannot be heard on the same date. A vote has been given in the Committee, taking into account the timetable that was established some time ago, so we couldn’t accept the hearing on that date. After Florian Coldea’s hearing, Traian Basescu will be heard. We sent an official letter to Traian Basescu, we are waiting for his answer. In principle, Traian Basescu should come on March 20” Cucsa mentioned.

He explained that March 20 was an available date in order to hear Liviu Dragnea, if Florian Coldea’s hearing wasn’t postponed.

“If Florian Coldea would have been heard today, March 20 was an available date. Since it was postponed, Traian Basescu will probably be heard, if he will have time” Cucsa added.

The ALDE MP said that the members of the Committee rejected only the date of March 20 for Liviu Dragnea’s hearing.

“The subject is not closed, we only voted against the date of March 20. We said, through the voice of the Committee’s Chairman, Claudiu Manda, that Mr. Dragnea will be heard. The Committee’s timetable is established by the plenum of the Committee, not by the USR representative. The majority vote established that we will not hear (Liviu Dragnea – e.n.) on March 20. We will announce you about the date. We must check Mr. Dragnea’s availability. We didn’t impose anyone to come exactly on the established date” Cucsa added.

The Chairman of the Committee for the SRI Control, Claudiu Manda, announced on Monday that he agreed with the former First Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Florian Coldea, to postpone his hearing.




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