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May 12, 2021

Borbely: We have ambition to revise Romania’s Development Strategy by the end of April

The coordinator of the Government’s Department for Sustainable Development, Laszlo Borbely, on Thursday stated that the revision of Romania’s Development Strategy dated in 2008 will be finished, the most probably, by the end of April.

On Thursday, this Department of the Government organized the conference “Sustainable Development and Economic Growth,” with Economy Professor Jeffrey Sachs announced as guest.

“We have public meetings, public debates, with different players in the Romanian society. We will finish next week the eight regional meetings and we have this ambition to revise the strategy by the end of April. The hardest part will begin, however, after we adopt the strategy. We have the ambition to create that institutional framework with sustainable development nucleuses in each and every institution, we have, from a week ago, in the classification of occupations, the occupation of sustainable development exert, which we hadn’t had before,” said Borbely.

He specified that the strategy, which will define the priorities, will be adopted through Government Decision. “We are hoping in May. (…) After that, we will have to quantify based on indicators, more indicators than we had until now, statistics and to offer solutions to politicians,” explained Laszlo Borbely.

According to him, two guides for the MPs are currently being translated, which will help each committee to analyse what it needs to be done in this field.

“I also want to mention the fact that Romania will hold the Presidency of the European Council next year, and we hope that one of Romania’s priorities will be the implementation of the Agenda for 2030, considering that in the first half of 2019 the European Union will present a report at the high level political forum to take place in New York, when a first assessment will be made of what was done in these past four years in respect to the implementation of the Agenda for 2030. (…) I believe that we can offer, through this new strategy, to the politicians, and the Government, these possibilities that will give us a sustainable development of Romania,” he specified.

Laszlo Borbely also said he invited Jeffrey Sachs at the conference he organized thinking that he probably knows better what sustainable development means and what the Agenda for 2030 is, as adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2015.

“Over the years, Mr. Sachs led many institutions and there are two very relevant aspects related to his activity. In very simple words, he can explain what a change of mentality in our society means and, besides his theoretical training, he believes that one must prove every day what it does in order to have sustainable development in society. Together with his wife, for long years, he helped such areas where poverty, hunger are not a mere slogan, but a vital problem for those societies, in the Sub-Saharan Africa, India, Haiti and other areas,” said Borbely.

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