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September 18, 2021

PSD: Latest intense preparations for the Extraordinary Congress of March 10. National Executive Committee to validate on Friday list of those who applied for leadership positions. Dragnea: National Executive Committee to reject, approve candidacies: I decided to say more after the Congress; I don’t want to influence the voting

The candidacy files will be rejected or approved on Friday during the National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said on Thursday the party’s national leader Liviu Dragnea, urging the ones with “the exaggerated rows” to think of the political formation they are part of.

“Tomorrow’s CExN will Okay or reject any candidacy, because this is the procedure this party is using every time. I wouldn’t know how much good this exaggerated scandal is doing to them, but I believe they should also think of the party they claim are working for and are very preoccupied with,” Dragnea said on Thursday in a press statement at the Parliament Palace.


PSD leader’s message for the objectors of the elections


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea told on Thursday to the objectors inside the party that the procedure under which the elections will be held at the Congress was voted with a large majority in the Executive Council meeting, and since they are dissatisfied, he doesn’t understand why they are running.

“If I remember, I think they were the ones who supported the idea of the internal democracy. One of the fundamental principles is the vote. The Executive Committee voted overwhelmingly on this method. Tomorrow’s Executive Committee will approve or reject any candidacy file” Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday, being asked about the dissatisfactions of some PSD members.

Ecaterina Andronescu, Nicolae Banicioiu, Codrin Stefanescu and Catalin Radulescu challenged either the election procedure at the Congress of March 10, or the opportuneness of these elections. All those mentioned above will run for the party’s Executive Chairperson, Secretary General or Vice Chairperson positions.

Also, Ecaterina Andronescu stated that this Congress should rather have been organized for the country project.

“I see they are focused on the country project, but the start of the project will be presented at the congress. (…) If we don’t agree on the elections, why do we run?” was the PSD leader’s answer.

“They should also think about the party for which they pretend they are working (…) The majority opinion was that if a candidate is not supported by the organization he is part of, then problems will occur” Dragnea also said.


“I decided to say more after the Congress; I don’t want to influence the voting”


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that he decided to say “more” after the Congress because he doesn’t want to influence the voting, saying that the accusation according to which by this Congress he plans to remove the Social Democrats who are not close to him is “a lie”.

“No, it’s a lie, but I decided to say more after the Congress, because I don’t want to influence the voting and I don’t want anybody to accuse me of saying things that could affect his or her chances in the elections. The main part at the Congress will be the first part, when several document will be presented and they will be subject to approval” PSD Chair Liviu Dragnea stated, when asked to comment on the accusations against him, according to which the PSD Congress is organized only to remove people who are not close to him.


SocDem Chairman on Viorica Dancila’s candidacy for the PSD Executive Chairman position: I am supporting her without hesitation


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that he will support Viorica Dancila without any hesitation for the PSD Executive Chairman position, the lists of candidates going to be validated at the Friday’s Executive Committee.

“She told me she was called by several colleagues from the party and from the women’s organization, who suggested her to run for this position (e.n.: the PSD Executive Chairman position). She told me of her decision. I will vote for her without any hesitation” Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday.


The full list of candidates at the PSD Congress: Banicioiu, Andronescu and Dancila are fighting for the PSD Executive Chairman position


PSD Vice Chairpersons Nicolae Banicioiu and Ecaterina Andronescu filed their candidacy for the party’s Executive Chairman position, at the same time challenging the opportuneness of a congress in this period.

The current Secretary General Marian Neacsu and the Deputy Secretary General of the party, Codrin Stefanescu, are also running for the Secretary General position.

There are several Social Democrats running in the race for the elected Vice Chairpersons representing the regions. According to some PSD sources, the best chances belong to Gabriela Firea and Robert Negoita (the Bucharest-Ilfov region), Serban Valeca, Adrian Tutuianu, Catalin Radulescu and Carmen Dan (the Muntenia region), Doina Fedorovici (the North-East region), Gabriel Zetea and Aurelia Fedorca and Doina Pana (the North-West region), Roxana Minzatu and Bogdan Trif (the Center region), Marian Oprisan and Mirela Furtuna (the South-East region), Paul Stanescu and Lia Olguta Vasilescu (the Oltenia region), and Natalia Intotero and Mihai Fifor (the West region).


PSD: Latest intense preparations for the Extraordinary Congress of March 10. National Executive Committee to validate on Friday list of those who applied for leadership positions. Deadline for submitting the candidacies expired on Thursday


The deadline for submitting the candidacies for the Congress of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has expired on Thursday, at 16:00. Most of the PSD county organizations have appointed until the deadline their candidates for the party leadership positions, who will subject to the vote at the Extraordinary Congress of March 10. The list of those who applied will be validated on Friday, at a meeting of the National Executive Committee (CEx).

At the Extraordinary Congress of Saturday, there will be elections for 16 Vice Chairpersons positions (eight positions for women and eight for men), for the party’s Secretary General, a position which is currently held by Marian Neacsu, and for the Executive Chairman, which is the position currently held by Niculae Badalau.

For the Executive Chairperson position, a firm announcement is the one of the Bucharest-Ilfov regional organization, related to supporting Viorica Dancila, despite the fact that she stated two weeks ago that she will not run for a position at the Congress, her argument being that the PM position takes a lot of time and she must involve a lot, while a position inside the party would require additional work. However, the support announced by Gabriela Firea, who described her as a person with real leadership qualities, a diplomat and emphatic person, could make her assume a candidacy.

Nicolae Banicioiu also registered his candidacy for the Executive Chairman of the party, although he didn’t observe the party’s requirement to have the signature of the organization he is part of, in order to be able to run, but he said that he will complete his file on Thursday.

According to the PSD Statute, the Extraordinary Congress is convened at the request of the National Executive Committee, of the PSD Parliamentary Groups in the two Chambers, or of at least 16 PSD county/district organizations.

The PSD Extraordinary Congress consists of delegates elected by the Extraordinary Conferences of the county and Bucharest organizations, according to the Representativeness Regulation provided by the statute.

The PSD Extraordinary Congress convenes in order to exercise its statutory attributions, as well as in the following cases: when fixed-term or early local, parliamentary, European Parliament or presidential elections, are organized, in order to prepare them or to assess the results; in order to amend the PSD Statute or the party’s Political Program, in special cases.


Ecaterina Andronescu wants to be the PSD Executive Chairperson


Former Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu filed her candidacy on Thursday, for the position of the PSD Executive Chairperson, which position is currently held by Niculae Badalau, but she stated that elections weren’t necessary inside the party, and if they are held, all the positions should have been subject to voting.

“For the Executive Chairperson, I filed it given that I’m not hunting any position, I never did, but I believe competition must be maintained inside the party and the representatives at the Congress will decide by their vote. (…) As it happened at all the congresses until now, each time, all the positions were subject to a new voting for a new term, because otherwise we are inside a term, where everyone who was subject to the voting in the Congress got a four-year mandate. We are still at the half of our term” Ecaterina Andronescu stated when asked if a vote for all the positions inside PSD was necessary.

Moreover, Ecaterina Andronescu claims that elections weren’t necessary.

“I think we shouldn’t have elections at this congress, which is an extraordinary one, we should have come with a document – a country project – in which we should have said what we think and how we see the economic growth of Romania, how we see the development of education for the next 15 to 20 years. I believe right now everybody would have been focused on the Country Project, rather than on the candidacies. Candidacies are related to the PSD’s internal life”.

Asked to comment the decision of the PSD Bucharest-Ilfov Standing Bureau to support Viorica Dancila for the same position, namely the Executive Chairperson position, Andronescu stated: “any person has the right to submit his or her candidacy”, adding that she didn’t talk with Liviu Dragnea about her decision to run for this position.

Also, things are not clear in the case of the current holder of this position Nicolae Badalau, although he said that the most important position in PSD is the member position, and the fact that his county obtained the best electoral results in the country makes him think if he still wants a leadership position inside PSD.

The name of the current Secretary General of the party, Marian Neacsu, was circulated for the same position, but he said he’s not interested in it, and PSD Bucharest-Ilfov announced on Wednesday evening that the organization supports him to keep his current position.

A special case is PSD MP Catalin Radulescu’s case, who announced on Wednesday that he submitted an appeal against the decision of the National Executive Committee (CExN) by which was decided that each county can appoint only one person to candidate for a leading position; he announced that if the Congress will not discuss his appeal, he will submit it to the Court. He said that 99% of the members don’t know for which reason the Extraordinary Congress is convened.

PSD vice-president Nicolae Banicioiu said on Thursday that there are issues in the party he feels discontent with and therefore he is running for the position of executive president of the party.

Social-Democrat deputy Catalin Radulescu has announced in the last day for submitting the candidacies that he will run for the position of deputy chair of the party, stating that he is doing so to highlight the way in which internal elections are held in the party.

The current PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu expressed on Wednesday his deep dissatisfaction regarding the tense atmosphere in the party prior to this congress; he claimed that he has the feeling that he, Ecaterina Andronescu and Nicolae Banicioiu are prevented from running at this Congress. Stefanescu said that the organization he is part of didn’t even include him on the list of delegates.


Codrin Stefanescu: I’m running for the Secretary General position, but I don’t know if I will be allowed to enter the hall


However, on Thursday Codrin Stefanescu announced that he will run for the PSD Secretary General position, but he doesn’t know if he will be allowed to enter the Palace Hall, where the PSD Congress will be held, because of the regulation, which he challenges.

“I am running for the Secretary General position, but I don’t know if I will be allowed to enter the hall” Codrin Stefanescu stated.


The candidates for the Vice Chairperson positions


PSD Arges supports Serban Valeca for the position of the Vice Chairman for the South-Muntenia region. Another circulated name was Rovana Plumb, but she stated she will not run, but if the Minister of interior Carmen Dan wants to run, she will support her. Another candidacy is the one of Adrian Tutuianu, who is supported by PSD Dambovita.

For the Center, MP Roxana Manzat from Brasov is the favorite, while PSD Bistrita supports the former Minister of Waters and Forests, Doina Pana.

The Tourism Minister Bogdan Trif, who is also the Chairman of the PSD Sibiu county organization, announced on Tuesday that he will run for one of the Vice Chairperson positions, saying that he is sure that he will have the support of his colleagues in the counties of the Region 7 Center.

PSD Arad organization announced that it will support the Defense Minister Mihai Fifor, and the Minister for the Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero, as the representative of the West region.

The PSD Bucharest-Ilfov regional organization supports the General Mayor Gabriela Firea and the Mayor of the Dictrict 3, Robert Negoita.

For the South-East region, the candidates are the PSD Vrancea Chairman Marian Oprisan, and Mirela Furtuna, also supported by PSD Buzau.

The candidates of the South-West region for the Vice Chairperson position are Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Paul Stanescu, supported by the Dolj, Olt and Mehedinti organizations. The same region expressed its support for the Secretary General Marian Neacsu for the Executive Chairman position, but he is interested in the Secretary General position, for which he is supported by the Bucharest-Ilfov regional organization.

PSD Maramures Chairman Gabriel Zetea announced that he will run also for the Vice Chairman as a representative of the North-West region.

PSD Vaslui Chairman Dumitru Buzatu is also interested in a Vice Chairman position, along with Senator Doina Elena Federovici, as the representatives of the North-East region.


PSD Bucharest-Ilfov supports Viorica Dancila for the party’s Executive Chairperson position


PSD Bucharest-Ilfov supports Viorica Dancila for the party’s Executive Chairperson position, while Gabriela Firea and Robert Negoita are supported for the Vice Chairperson positions, according to the decisions taken by the Standing Bureau of the organization on Wednesday evening.

“PSD Bucharest-Ilfov regional organization has voted this evening (on Wednesday evening – e.n.), at the Standing Bureau of the organization, a number of resolutions elated to the PSD Extraordinary Congress of March 10, 2018. Thus, the Bucharest-Ilfov Region has voted for a support and trust mandate for the Chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea. The Standing Bureau of the PSD Bucharest-Ilfov regional organization expresses its belief that only by maintaining unity, continuity, equilibrium and coherence in its political decisions and actions, PSD will succeed to fulfill its major goal: to ensure the political climate in order to fully fulfill the Government Program” reads a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.

According to the quoted source, the PSD Bucharest-Ilfov Organization has also voted to support the continuity of the PSD Government Program, “in order to complete the measures with which PSD has won the Romanians’ trust and the elections of 2016 with a large majority”.

PSD Bucharest-Ilfov Organization has also decided to support PM Viorica Dancila for the PSD Executive Chairperson position.

“The main concern of the Social Democrat Party must be the Romanian people and how to solve their problems. The citizens of this country are those who deserve our whole effort, the effort of the Social Democrat politicians. I firmly support the continuation of the reform measures mentioned in the Government Program, because this is the only way for us to prove that the elections have been won with a full and coherent program, which was implemented and thus led to the long-term welfare of the Romanian people. Personally, I am supporting PM Viorica Dancila for the Executive Chairperson position, in order to give coherence and stability to the governance, and for an efficient collaboration between the Government and the party. Mrs. Dancila has real leadership qualities: she is diplomat, emphatic, and she knows how to organize the working teams and how to obtain efficiency and strictness, both in the political and in the governmental decision” Gabriela Firea stated.

PSD Bucharest-Ilfov has also decided to support the PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu for the same position, namely the Secretary General position, as well as the candidacies of Gabriela Firea and Robert Negoita for the PSD Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Vice Chairperson positions.



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