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June 18, 2021

USR presents IMAS poll in which PNL has surpassed PSD

Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna presented on Thursday, during a press conference, an IMAS opinion poll in which PNL scores 29.4 percent and PSD 28.6 percent. Likewise, USR is on the rise and has reached 11.2 percent, followed by ALDE with approximately 10 percent. Barna says that the poll shows that “Liviu Dragnea and PSD are a losing hand.”

“USR has contracted IMAS’s ROmnibus system, through which sociological surveys and analyses are conducted on a monthly basis, and we can tell you the results registered in February. These results are detailed on the USR website, but there are several interesting conclusions after Romania waited for a year for the good that the PSD promised during the elections campaign only to receive public protests and the attempt to violate justice. This inevitable disappointment is starting to show in opinion polls. In February, according to the IMAS poll, PSD dropped to 28.6 percent, PNL stands at 29.4 percent and USR at 11.2 percent,” Dan Barna said.

He claims Romanian society “is putting the PSD on the chute it deserves.”

“Basically, we are seeing that Romanian society is finally putting the PSD on the chute it deserves, and we are seeing significant growth for the two Opposition parties. USR has stabilised compared to January, when we stood at 11.4 percent. USR has stabilized somewhere at 3 percentage points above the result with which we entered Parliament, which is very good and means that everything we managed to do in December about the judicial laws and all the opposition we made for 11-12 months is now being reflected in the citizens’ perception,” the USR leader added.

Dan Barna emphasised that the Opposition’s growth in the polls shows that “Liviu Dragnea and the PSD are a losing hand.”

“We see that the other Opposition party, PNL, has grown several percentage points and all these things show that Romania is finally starting to understand that Liviu Dragnea and the PSD are a losing hand and that the mockery with three governments that occurred last year does not promise an improvement in the upcoming period either. These results confirm this perception and this trend,” he concluded.

The aforementioned analysis is based on IMAS data from January 2018. The sample consisted of 1,010 voting-age persons. The sample was representative at national level. The margin of error was +/- 3.1 percent.

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