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December 1, 2021

PNL National Council validates support for Klaus Iohannis’s bid for new term in office and for Ludovic Orban as PM. The Liberals announce that they will table a no-confidence motion against Gov’t during this parliamentary session

The National Liberal Party’s (PNL) National Council decided to vote on Sunday to support President Klaus Iohannis’s bid for a new term in office in the next presidential elections, and to designate Ludovic Orban as the party’s nomination for the office of Premier provided it wins the next parliamentary elections.

The proposed Iohannis – Orban ticket was adopted by vote.

Iulian Dumitrescu proposed the statutory validation – through the National Council’s vote – of PNL President Ludovic Orban becoming the party’s nomination for the office of Prime Minister.

In his turn, Ludovic Orban proposed the introduction of a new point on the order of the day.

“Allow me to propose the introduction on the order of the day of a point that is in fact the sanctioning of a decision that was taken at the party conference too, which is a necessity from a statutory but also a political standpoint. According to the Statute, the validation of PNL’s candidate for the Romanian Presidency is decided within the National Council. As you can see, for some time now, our party’s opponents have had a systematic strategy to create a false image that there is allegedly a distancing between the PNL and President Klaus Iohannis. (…) I propose the introduction of a new point on the order of the day, namely the validation of Mr Klaus Iohannis’s candidacy for the office of President of Romania, supporting President Klaus Iohannis for a new term in office,” Orban stated.

Thus, the endorsement of President Iohannis’s candidacy was adopted with 793 votes in favour, out of a total of 817 votes. 24 votes were cancelled.

In what concerns PNL’s candidate for the office of Premier, 821 votes were cast, 686 for Ludovic Orban and 113 for Viorel Catarama, and 23 votes were cancelled.

Ludovic Orban promised that PNL will come up with a governance programme that is not hastily written, but which contains serious, profound answers based on analyses and impact studies.

He said he supports a Government that consists of 14-15 ministries and that he totally opposes emergency ordinances.

“Very many analysts, commentators and very many citizens are asking us to come up with a governance programme and we will come up with a governance programme, but not a hastily written governance programme, not with a governance programme such as the programme presented by the current ruling party, a collection of lies taken out from books about baron Munchhausen. We must come up with serious, profound answers that would be based on analyses, impact studies, on the comparative analysis of public policies in various domains in all European countries, that would be really based on the solving of the great problems that exist in Romanian society (…), of major dysfunctionalities, of lies that are being perpetuated in public discourse and in the discourse of politicians solely out of the desire to hide the existence of these problems,” Orban stated.


Flutur: The party must be well organised and strengthened in the field


Gheorghe Flutur, President of the League of PNL Local Elected Officials, stated on Sunday, at the party’s National Council, that he salutes the option to back President Klaus Iohannis’s bid for a new term in office and, likewise, to back PNL President Ludovic Orban for the office of Prime Minister. He stated that for this the party “must be well organised and strengthened in the field.”

“An extremely important thing that I salute was discussed today – the partnership with the president of Romania and, likewise, [Ludovic Orban’s] candidacy for the office of Prime Minister. For this, everyone knows that the party must first of all be well organised, and my colleagues have also discussed organising the party and strengthening it in the field,” Gheorghe Flutur stated.

According to Flutur, PNL must have messages that would strengthen the party and all Liberals must answer some challenges of Romanian society.

“They must have a message, and I have several suggestions (…) I believe we must answer some challenges. Sometimes we were in a hurry to come up with shadow governments, sunlight governments, they destroyed our governance programme, we didn’t even get to implement it; but if PNL is responsible, and I know it is, it must immediately answer some challenges of Romanian society,” he added.


Orban to Liberals: The troops must be awakened. No more rigged games! I want each party branch chief to batter his PSD counterpart


On Sunday, at the end of PNL’s National Council meeting, PNL President Ludovic Orban asked Liberals to put an end to “rigged games,” and told them that starting today the party is on the offensive and “the troops must be awakened,” adding that he wants each party branch president “to batter” his PSD counterpart.

“No more rigged games with PSD, I’m telling you from the start! I’m a gentle man, who loves people, who always preferred to convince in political action, I didn’t like being listened to out of fear (…), but I’ll no longer accept for 75-85% of the party members who work to make no headway because 25 percent of the party members do not,” Ludovic Orban stated.

The PNL President pointed out he no longer wants the Liberals to be the Opposition only at national level.

“I want to see each party branch chief battering the PSD [party branch] chief,” Orban emphasised.

Ludovic Orban pointed out he does not want to adopt sanctions but will take “the measures required.”

He pleaded for “dialogue, communication, solidarity.”


PNL announces it will table a no-confidence motion against Gov’t during this parliamentary session


PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan announced on Sunday, during the party’s National Council meeting, that Liberal MPs will table a no-confidence motion against the Government during this parliamentary session too, stating that they will bring together all political forces in Parliament in order to oust the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition.

“I believe that today, we should all leave this place much more ardent and we should state two things loudly and clearly: PSD-ALDE must really leave government before the evil they do to Romania becomes irreversible and, number two, that PNL must end up in government and it is tabling a no-confidence motion during this parliamentary session too. (…) We will seek as early as now to gather together all political forces, person by person in the Romanian Parliament, to change the majority, to oust PSD from government and for PNL to end up governing Romania,” Raluca Turcan stated.

In November 2017, PNL tabled a no-confidence motion against the Tudose Government, titled ‘PSDragnea, a boon in the campaign, a bane at rule,’ which was rejected.

PNL House whip Raluca Turcan stated back then, during the debate on the motion, that the Government’s actions are against national interest and PSD-ALDE’s arrogance reached levels that are hard to believe.

“PSD obviously remains the biggest enemy of democracy and just as intolerant of freedom of expression as it was in the 1990s. It’s clear for the whole country that the leaders of the current ruling coalition are running in a direction opposite that of Romania. This Government’s actions are obviously oriented against the national interest. They govern against citizens and the contempt and arrogance you have ended up proving have reached levels that are hard to imagine. Absentee gentlemen Dragnea and Tariceanu, Mr Tudose, dear colleagues, there were arrogant persons with criminal dossiers before, however, unlike you, none of them dared to change laws and rules to get away from justice or potential sentencings,” Raluca Turcan stated back then.


Turcan: PNL is the only option for taking over governance in Romania; USR and PMP lack people who would ensure solid political decision


PNL First Vice President Raluca Turcan stated on Sunday, at the party’s National Council meeting, that PNL is ready to govern Romania, pointing out that the Liberals are “the only political party that can change Romania’s destiny” and that USR and PMP lack people who “would ensure a solid political decision.”

“The energies within PNL will be focused on two directions – one which we are fighting [sic] already fairly well lately, to counter PSD policies, but first of all one through which we would sow confidence in PNL and we would convince all those around us that there is no other option for taking over governance in Romania except via PNL. PNL’s parliamentary activity at the last National Council focused on two directions – one was that of unequivocally censuring the hypocrisy, lies and incompetence of those who are ruling Romania today, who are moving us farther away from our partners from the EU. The second, to create this perception that PNL is ready to govern, through the solution it has for Romania,” Raluca Turcan stated.

She claimed that there is no option except for PNL when it comes to governing Romania after the ousting of the PSD-ALDE coalition and that USR and PMP lack the people who “would ensure a solid political decision.”

“If we look comparatively too, there is no other option on the political scene that could be considered able to govern Romania, after PSD-ALDE leave power. USR, very many of them are alright, intelligent people, however, as political structure they are still disoriented and do not have the responsibility of political decision at national level. PMP, we collaborate with them in Parliament, just as we do with the USR, however we must admit they do not have people who would follow each measure and would ensure a solid political decision. Hence, we are the only political party that can change Romania’s destiny. (…) PSD and ALDE really have to leave government until the evil they are doing to Romania becomes irreversible and (…) PNL must end up in government,” the PNL First Vice President added.


PNL launches online public relations offensive. Resolution: All party branches will have Facebook pages and websites with updated information and will promote dialogue through social media


The Liberals will focus on online public relations, each local elected official being set to inform citizens, including via Facebook, about his/her political activity, the number of interactions set to be one of the criteria on whose basis the activity of the party branches will be assessed.

“We have decided [on] the proposed decision for the National Council, regarding the way county branches are to be assessed through quarterly action plans and objective criteria for the assessment of the progress made by each branch. Also presented was the National Liberal Council’s draft decision concerning the programme for PNL’s transparency and openness toward society, titled ‘PNL day by day by your side,’” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated after PNL’s National Political Bureau meeting.

According to him, there are 20 criteria on whose basis the party branches will be assessed. They include partnerships with civil society, but also online public relations. According to the strategy, the party’s local elected officials must open their own websites, but also Facebook accounts via which they should keep citizens abreast of the party’s decisions, bills, and draft decisions.

“We have also introduced transparency criteria in the website, according to which each member of the party’s county leadership, each MP, mayor, and local branch president must publish their important data, such as their resume, contact phone numbers, email address, audience schedule, public meetings schedule, basically a registry of transparency at the level of all branches. (…) I have asked each county councillor and local councillor to male public the way they vote in county councils, so that where there is no transparency a system would be introduced that would allow any citizen to know how each of them votes. These are normal, natural things. They should interact with citizens, be accessible, answer questions, we should do… I have started, and national leaders will also take part in Q&A sessions, so that any citizen would be able to ask questions. Similarly, this way of communication must be generated at county level too; it must be not only unilateral communication but dialogue,” Orban added.

According to the PNL President, the number of ‘likes’ will not represent an assessment criterion.

“We introduced the number of interactions. Impact, number of interactions… There are certain parameters that are easily accessed. They must understand, and the great majority has understood, that in our country almost two thirds are using this means of communication. 67 percent of the population communicates online. This means people are used to obtaining their information online and it’s impossible for a party not to adapt to this means of communication, to offer all information about its activity via online communication too,” Ludovic Orban added.

He added that “each person does what they please” on personal accounts.







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