Romanian Academy, MCIN sign cooperation agreement to establish Culture Senate

The Romanian Academy and the Ministry of Culture and National Identity (MCIN) signed a cooperation protocol on Friday, under which the Culture Senate is set in place, a body that will provide MCIN with advice from the Academy to shape public policy in the culture area.

The signing ceremony took place at the Academics Club. The document was signed by Chairman of the Romanian Academy, Cristian Hera and Minister of Culture and National Identity George Ivascu.

“We aim to be in the service of the Romanian nation, and that we can do only on the basis of results of the scientific researches obtained in our units and in the Romanian Academy. Projects that are especially dedicated to the Centennial of the Greater Union are being developed and some completed. They are now being launched and some of them will continue for smaller or longer periods,” said Hera.

According to Ivascu, the Culture Senate will aim to commemorate Romanian values.

“It will be about knowledge, and also about recognition (…) At least about genuine values, our great, internationally acclaimed personalities, the Romanian values of which we have been proud for so many years. They will put then in a list, and all we are left to do is pay tribute to them, even create cultural infrastructure. I think they also deserve a statue where they were born, in the communities they hailed from (…) I think there are memorial houses that deserve to be restored, I believe there are many cultural facilities worth bringing to the fore, along a route of normalcy. And here the experience of the Romanian Academy will help us a great deal, while we, as managers of culture, will put them into practice,” the minister said.

He mentioned that the first action included in the Centennial programme will be a tribute to the Union of Basarabia and Romania on March 27.

Under the protocol, the Culture Senate will put forth a set of general and coherent guidelines for the development of the cultural sector, attaching priority to those themes and projects that allow the harmonisation of a deep-going identity with the opening and the momentum of international cultural cooperation.

The objectives of the Culture Senate are the following: drawing up a long-term national culture strategy; collaboration to ensure the highest value and organisational level of events dedicated to the anniversary of the Centennial of the Greater Union and the participation of Romania in WWI; establishing joint specialist working groups in various fields of cultural action.

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