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October 24, 2021

Dragnea to new members of PSD leadership: Don’t consider your offices opportunities for personal projects

On Monday, Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea asked the new members of the party’s leadership to avoid the situations generated by their predecessors who considered that their PSD offices represent “some opportunities for personal PR projects at the expense of the party.”

“I suggest you should communicate in a more applied manner and when you communicate you should state things and we should no longer have situations in the party when colleagues from the leadership considered that the positions they occupied as a result of elections, of appointments, in fact represented some opportunities for personal PR projects at the expense of the party,” party leader Liviu Dragnea stated at the first meeting of the new PSD leadership.

He asked the new members of the PSD leadership, during the informal National Standing Bureau meeting that took place at the PSD headquarters, to “carefully” re-read the documents that the Social Democrats approved at the party conference, projects that they undertook and that enjoyed the unanimous support of party conference delegates.

“Each of you will have a very well defined, very clear involvement in managing and accomplishing these projects that are not projects for PSD, they are projects for Romania. Likewise, I want you to understand that this responsibility you have received, backed by your colleagues’ confidence, both at the party conference as a whole and at regional level, means that the delegates at the party conference, our colleagues, have sent you to work because they trust you. For the regional vice presidents… all of you must understand that the party members in those regions expect support from you, greater involvement not only for the counties whose members you are, they expect you not to have a different attitude, but the attitude of colleagues, for you to help us, those of us who are in Parliament. And those who are in Government too, so that in the counties of the region each of you represents… what we adopt in Parliament, what the Government approves would be communicated to the public opinion in each county. You must understand that it is not a very simple battle, it is a battle between the correct communication that we want and must have, and the communications barrage that our adversaries will always put up,” Dragnea added.

The PSD President also told those present that he has remained “the same.”

“In me you will find support in all difficult situation, but from me you will also receive the discontent, which will not necessarily be mine alone, maybe possibly of our colleagues,” Liviu Dragnea added.


Neacsu on absence of former party presidents at extraordinary party congress: The party’s history should not be participative in the negativist side


PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu stated on Monday, in what concerns the fact that the former presidents of PSD were not invited at Saturday’s party congress, that he takes responsibility for the “slip-up,” but there was no desire for the former party leaders to be present at an event expected to be tense.

Premier Viorica Dancila believes that the fact that the former party presidents were absent from the PSD party congress is a “slip-up.” “I believe it was a slip-up, I have all appreciation for the party’s former presidents. This was a slip-up. (…) I couldn’t make the invitations myself,” Premier Viorica Dancila pointed out.

“The party didn’t forget its former presidents, just like it isn’t forgetting its history. We care about our history, both the more distant and the more recent one. Let’s say it was a slip-up. I take responsibility for it. It’s not a premeditated slip-up, there was a lot of room in the front row, I believe I thought the party conference was foreshadowed to be not very tranquil. Fortunately, it wasn’t so. The party’s history, represented by the former presidents, should not be participative in the negativist side. Let’s put it like this. I wanted the former presidents not to be involved in the dissenting actions that some colleagues had prepared for the conference. Fortunately, they no longer took place, but we couldn’t have known this,” PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu stated.

Former party presidents, including Ion Iliescu, Adrian Nastase and Victor Ponta, were absent from PSD’s party congress on Saturday.


Dragnea after statements made by “comrade” Oprea: There is a lot to say. I promise I’ll tell you on only one condition


Referring to Gabriel Oprea’s statements regarding the support he gave to the PSD President, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that there is a lot to say but he will offer details on it provided he is not asked about it on a daily basis.

“There is a lot to say. I promise I’ll tell you on only one condition. If you ask me every day, I’ll no longer tell you,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Last Friday, PSD President rejected the accusations levelled by Gabriel Oprea, stating he did not believe the former UNPR President would do “such a mistake” and that “it is a bit nasty for him and for the SRI.”

Former UNPR President Gabriel Oprea had retorted to the PSD President last Thursday evening, reminding him of the support he gave him during two important moments in his political career, against the backdrop in which the PSD President had told Codrin Stefanescu to talk with Gabriel Oprea.

“I’ve appreciated the fact that Mr Dragnea has called me a comrade in a statement concerning my neighbour Codrin Stefanescu. Of course he calls me comrade! There were many moments in which the fact that he called on my support was of great service to Liviu Dragnea. This help was decisive for his political and even personal destiny. Maybe, sometime, I will recount in detail. Today I’ll limit myself to two examples. In 2004, back when I was Public Administration Minister, and he was Teleorman County Council Chairman, Dragnea asked me to help him become the head of PSD’s county council chairmen. At that moment, PSD had won the chairmanship of 17 county councils. Because he asked me to help him, I met them at the headquarters on Ion Ionescu de la Brad [street] and persuaded them to vote for him. That’s how comrade Liviu ended up being the political chief of the party’s county council chairmen,” Gabriel Oprea wrote on Facebook.

The former UNPR President went on to describe another moment, back when Liviu Dragnea was trying to take over the party’s leadership.

“In 2015, he once again asked for my support, this time in my capacity as UNPR President. He asked me to help him get elected PSD President, against the backdrop in which Victor Ponta had resigned on Facebook. He dropped in for a glass of wine at the UNPR, as all the members of the press present there know, and he asked me to support him. Liviu became PSD President with my help and with UNPR’s support. The comrade in need is a comrade indeed,” Gabriel Oprea added.


Liviu Dragnea, asked if he’ll get married: I’ve seen for a long time that everyone wants to be my godparent


Asked if he will get married, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that he has noticed for a long time now that everyone wants to be his “godparent,” but he will give details when needed.

“For a long time, I’ve seen that everyone wants to be my godfather. It’s nice and I’ll be glad to talk about it when needed,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday, when answering a question concerning his potential wedding.

Premier Viorica Dancila had stated on Sunday evening that she would accept to be the PSD President’s godmother if he were to ask her, stating that Irina Tanase, Liviu Dragnea’s partner, is “a special girl.”

On Monday, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated she would go to the wedding too but would not compete against Viorica Dancila when it comes to “godparenting.”


SocDem  leader after BPN meeting: We’ll set a minimum package of responsibilities for every vice president; I told them I want them to communicate in a structured manner about what people expect


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday, at the end of the first meeting of the party’s new National Standing Bureau (BPN), that he told BPN members that he wants the new team to really work as a team. He said each vice president is set to receive responsibilities. Referring to the party members who criticise the party, he said he no longer wants to comment on the lies circulating in the public space, stating that PSD’s mission is not to pit colleagues one against the other but to get them to work together.

“We had a first informal meeting with those elected during Saturday’s party conference. We discussed the undertaking of responsibilities, each one’s involvement in the fulfilment of the objectives approved at the party conference, which are backed by all our colleagues, about my desire for this new leadership team to really function as a team. I told them my point of view, that the value of each will be to the extent they will be able to seriously integrate in this team, [will depend] on the way they will relate with the colleagues from the regions that elected them. Likewise, we talked about a coherent and efficient manner of communication. (…) This meeting made a good impression on me, they are very willing to get involved and I believe and want with all my heart that this team would be a tightknit one, one that the party also needs, but also the Government, Parliament and all our party members. And, last but not least, the citizens who support us,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked whether the responsibilities have been established for each vice president, the PSD leader said: “No, that’s up next. We didn’t have the time. There will be a discussion with each of them, there will be a discussion with all of them too. We’ll establish a minimum package of responsibilities for each of them. (…) All of them will be involved in the general issues, but they will also be involved in specific issues, based on the desire and expertise of each of them.”

Likewise, asked whether the warning that they should not have a personal PR project that is detrimental to the PSD was taken into account when electing the new leadership, Dragnea said that personal projects can be stand out as part of a greater project, namely “the project for Romania.”

“It’s not a warning, [it’s] exactly this team spirit, and I reminded them all what the year 2016 meant, when the whole party and central leadership, and county [branch] leaderships worked as a team. Personal projects can be very well outlined as part of a greater project, which is the project for Romania, and I’m absolutely convinced that they’ve all understood this. I also told them that I want them to communicate more, it’s just that they must communicate in a structured manner and should communicate about what people expect from us, because Romanians are not interested in who is more vocal, who swears more, they are interested in finding out from us what we did and what we intend to do, something that will be measured as soon as it is communicated,” he added.

Referring to the PSD members who criticise the party, Liviu Dragnea said he no longer wants to comment on the lies circulating in the public space, stating that PSD’s mission is not to pit colleagues one against the other but to get them to work together.

“I no longer intend to comment on the nonsense and lies that have been circulated and pushed forward in the public space, unfortunately precisely by some of our colleagues. The question raised is not who faces off against whom in the party, our mission at the helm of the party is not to confront each other, but to work together, to achieve some objectives that the people are expecting. Each one of us can face off the other, but we’re not here for confrontations. Faceoffs, confrontations, competitions take place when elections are organised, and it’s very good for that to happen. We aren’t holding elections every day. All party members – with several exceptions – want this party to function and to take to completion what all of us have taken the commitment to do,” Dragnea explained.



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