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July 1, 2022

Daniel Dragomir about the hearing of the SRI Director Eduard Hellvig at DIICOT, in the Black Cube case: “They are looking for spectacle”

On February 28, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Director Eduard Hellvig was heard at DIICOT in the Black Cube case, “reiterating that he is not involved in any way in this case” is the message sent on Wednesday by the SRI representatives.

“At the hearing, Mr. Eduard Hellvig reiterated that he is not involved in any way in this case and he declares that he is fully available to support any institution of the Romanian state in its legal approaches”, according to the SRI representatives.

The Chief-Prosecutor of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Daniel Horodniceanu stated on February 6 that 90 percent of the process of collecting evidence in the Black Cube case is finalized, but if there is no cooperation from the former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir, who is a defendant in this case, “things will stop”.

Former SRI officer Daniel Dragomir was preventively arrested from September 14 to December 29, 2016, in the “Black Cube” case, in which he is accused of forming an organized criminal group, inciting to illegal access to a computer system, inciting to the unauthorized transfer of computer data, inciting to illegal operations with computer devices and software, inciting to computer forgery in continuous form, and inciting to the violation of the secret of correspondence.

Regarding the hearing of the SRI Director Eduard Hellvig in the Black Cube case, Daniel Dragomir claims that “they are looking for spectacle”, mentioning that he was connected to this case by the “parallel state”.

“I request DIICOT to send this case to the court, if they don’t have other people to hear, because otherwise this case is only an attempt to discredit the head of SRI. They are looking for spectacle. Mr. Hellvig was put in this misery, in my opinion, by the parallel state, to show its fangs” Daniel Dragomir stated for Antena 3.

“I believe M. Coldea and Mrs. Kovesi were busy with making statements, and their statements don’t fit to each other. The contradiction between them was related to Mr. Pahontu. Their statements don’t fit to each other in the matter of the role played by SPP in this case” the former SRI officer also said.

These explanations are made in the context in which the SRI Director Eduard Hellvig, the DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi, and the former First Deputy Director of SRI Florian Coldea were heard in the last two weeks in the Black Cube case, judicial sources stated for MEDIAFAX, the hearings being held away from the press and public opinion.



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