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December 7, 2021

Coalition for Development of Romania: The representatives of the more than 25 business associations, bilateral chambers of commerce and confederations have presented to the members of Government their public policy proposals in key domains

The representatives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR), a Romanian business environment initiative coordinated since the start of this year by Dragos Anastasiu (President of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce), have presented to the members of Government the business environment’s priorities, while at the same time expressing their availability to support the Executive with the expertise and solutions needed to correct the signalled vulnerabilities.

“Despite the economic growth registered last year, we are concerned about its lack of sustainability and about the macroeconomic figures that point to multiple weak points. They have to do with already notorious topics such as the precarious infrastructure, the deficient education system and a problematic healthcare system, but also with topics that have become acute lately,” CDR’s representatives have stated, according to a press release.

The top priority problems signalled by the Coalition during its first meeting with the new Government are:

  • The labour force shortage, especially the shortage of skilled labour force, from both a numerical (because of the demographic evolution doubled by emigration) and a qualitative standpoint (an education system not adapted to the current needs), and from the standpoint of the attitude toward labour;
  • The lack of legislative predictability, transparency, and real dialogue between the decision-makers at local and central level and the business environment, something that in the long run generates economic policies not adapted to the private initiative’s development rhythm;
  • The suffocating red tape that mainly stems from the lack of digitalisation of the public services offered by state authorities (mainly the Romanian Tax Authority – ANAF);
  • Romania’s generally poor image abroad, in dissonance with the country’s real potential, which leads to big problems when it comes to exports, foreign investment and tourism;
  • The unsustainable (albeit necessary and desired) raising of salaries, especially in the public sector, which automatically leads to salary hikes in the private sector, however without being coupled with productivity;

During the talks, the Coalition’s representatives asked the Romanian Government to adopt concrete measures to correct policies in all these essential domains, for a solid economic growth.

“Within the Coalition, we have important resources that we want to put at the disposal of the Executive and Legislative. We are mainly talking about renowned experts from various fields of activity, who can contribute with their expertise to the drafting of coherent public policies. Moreover, we can offer the Executive technical expertise to get out of the current paradigm of lack of coherence and predictability. Our plan for Romania’s economic revitalisation is a document with pinpoint proposals, very technical proposals, not at all political, that we are ready to share with the current Executive. In 2018, we want to work together with the Government to create stability,” those who ensure the CDR’s coordination have stated.

Another domain in which the Coalition has offered its support by drafting pinpoint solutions, in the shortest of times, is the fight against tax evasion by eliminating unregistered labour. Likewise, the Coalition, along with the business environment, expresses its desire to maintain dialogue with the Romanian Government on the main economic and fiscal policy directions, calling for decisional transparency and predictability in the drafting of public policies. Through its 13 working groups, the Coalition will constantly formulate pinpoint technical solutions for the maintaining of competitiveness in 2018, through measures that would stimulate the business environment and would mobilise the valuable human resources that Romania has.

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