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January 27, 2022

RBL Research: The status of the Romanian teachers is the lowest in Europe

Romania ranks the antepenultimate place in the world and the last place in Europe in terms of the global index of the status of the teachers in the society, according to a research conducted by the Romanian Business Leaders (RBL) Foundation and D&D Research. The index is generated based on the place that primary-school teachers and teachers have in the ranking regarding the occupation, the salary level, the teachers’ confidence to recommend their own children to become teachers and the assessment of the respect given by students to their teachers.

According to the research, parents appreciate that teachers are equally important as the physicians, but teachers rank on the last places by themselves (11-12 of 13), alongside librarians. “A relative majority of the respondents appreciate that the educational activity is a common public services provision, in the vicinity of the public servant. They don’t see it like a vocational job which should be remunerated according to the performance and should benefit not only from trust, but also from the respect due to other vocational jobs, such as the physician” stated Dragos Neacsu, member of the  RBL Board of Directors and CEO at Erste Asset Management.

The research shows that today, in Romania, being a teacher is undesirable. Half of the teachers participating in the research say that they wouldn’t urge their children to become teachers. At the same time, one third of the parents wouldn’t guide their children to have a career in education.

Regarding the salaries, 86% of the parents participating in the research appreciate that the teachers’ salaries are too low, and they would like salaries to increase by 75% to 100% for the beginners. “A good teacher will provide good educational services for all the children, regardless of the endowment of the classroom, the school curriculum or the number of children in the classroom. The increase of the entry salary in the educational system up to a net amount of RON 2,500-3,000 (e.n. – this means a 75 to 100 percent compared to the current starting salary) will make the income of a teacher who is debutant to be competitive on the labour market, attracting young people with vocation in the Romanian educational system. Thus, the work of the performing teachers will be really valued by the society” stated Mariuca Talpes, member of the RBL Board of Directors and Inuitext Manager.

Public expenses with the educational system have (slightly) exceeded 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) only twice since 1990 until today, although the Law no.1/2011 provides that Romania must allocate annually at least 6% of GDP for education. In the Romania’s budget for 2018, the percentage allocated is below 3%, and the comparative figures of Eurostat indicate that in 2014, Romania was the only EU country that allocated less than 3% of GDP for education, given that the European average was exceeding 5 percent of the GDP.

RBL requires an annual budget of 6% of GDP for education and the more autonomy for schools in managing their own resources.

RBL requires that education should be funded with 6% of GDP, as the law provides, so that young people with vocation will enter the educational system, it requires that the initial training of the future teachers should be more practical and in-depth, and passionate and performing teachers should be encouraged to stay in the system. There is necessary that the allocation of the budgets for education will be made based on the principle “the money follows the student” and on performance, and schools should have more autonomy in managing their own resources.

“There is necessary that the society, us, parents, will form a team with the teachers of our children, really cooperate with them, showing them respect and appreciation. All of us are connected to the school we graduated, and it’s time for us to be grateful to the people who trained us, and to really support them” stated Mariuca Talpes, the initiator of the MERITO Project, through which RBL recognizes and awards yearly 10 valuable Romanian teachers. The third MERITO gala was held on Thursday evening at the RBL Summit.

Photo source: www.rbls.ro


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