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May 9, 2021

Tariceanu: Those who criticize the government shouldn’t forget that Romania has the highest economic growth in Europe

The Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, says that those who criticize the government in economic terms shouldn’t forget that Romania has “the highest economic growth” in Europe, and if there was any economic mistake, “this impressive figure” wouldn’t have existed. He also said that ALDE wants to become the second political force of the country t the next year’s elections.

On Saturday, Calin Popescu Tariceanu sent a video message to those who were attending the Territorial Conference of ALDE Olt, when the new leadership of the branch was elected.

“Those who criticize the government in economic terms shouldn’t forget an essential thing – Romania has the highest economic growth in the whole Europe. If the government would have been made any economic mistake, then you could bet we couldn’t have achieved this impressive figure. But of course the government doesn’t mean to achieve economic growth only for the sake of figures, it must be reflected in the citizen’s pocket, as I always say. This is the reason for which we and our government partners have decided a number of measures for increasing salaries in the public sector, the minimum salaries have been increased, as well as the salaries in the educational system, in the health system, in judiciary and in many other fields, as it is normal, because all of us want to live as close as possible to the European average” was Tariceanu’s message.

He also said that according to the opinion polls, ALDE reached 14-15 percent, being the third party in the country, but he wants it to become the second political force in Romania at the next year’s elections. “I want ALDE to become the second political force of the country at the next elections of the next year. And I believe the chances are with the ambitious ones who want this, and we have a favorable context given by the very poor performance of PNL, which became the party of those who support the repressive institutions of the state” the ALDE leader also said.

Tariceanu drew attention on the fact that many ALDE members are inclined to the administrative part of the government, and some of them “seem to have forgotten that they have to make politics”.

The event that took place in Olt was attended, along with other members of the national leadership of the party, by MEP Norica Nicolai who asked, during her intervention, the resignation of the Chairman of the Culture Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber Gigel Stirbu, for the manner in which “he ordered, in a radical and Stalinist way” to the Romanian Television manager to come.

“A few days ago I was listening a voice of an Olt leader, Gigel Stirbu, who proved the radical and Stalinist major slippage reached by PNL. To order a television manager to come because he allowed the broadcast of an interview, and to do it by the manner in which Mr. Stirbu, who is the Chairman of the Culture Committee, did it. The Manner in which he did it may belong to a former soviet commissioner, but Mr. Stirbu claims he is an authentic liberal leader. This forces Mr. Stirbu to announce his honorary resignation as the Chairman of the Culture Committee, which is what I’m asking him to do, today, in Olt” Norica Nicolai stated.

The Olt County Branch of the Alliance of Liberals and Demcrats (ALDE) party established on Saturday its leadership at the Territorial Conference held in Slatina; the event was attended by more than 400 delegates of ALDE Olt. Following the vote expressed by the delegates who were present at the Territorial Election Conference of ALDE Olt, MP Mihai Nita was elected as the Chairman of the branch.

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