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August 3, 2021

Tibi Useriu has won for the third time the most difficult marathon in the world – 6633 Arctic Ultra

Marathoner Tibi Useriu succeeded for the third time in a row, to be the first who reaches the finish line of the most difficult marathon in the world – 6633 Arctic Ultra, and to wave the Romanian flag, being the only Romanian to finish the 618-kilometer race – according to the Mediafax correspondent.

After seven days of marathon, Tibi Useriu from Bistrita has won for the third time, the most difficult marathon on the planet, which is held beyond the Polar Circle, in Canada.

Tibi Useriu walked the 618 kilometers of the competition and flied waved the Romanian flag when reaching the finish line.

“Tibi Useriu finalized the 2018 edition of the marathon called 6633 Arctic Ultra on the first place, in blizzard conditions” the marathon organizers announced.

Tibi sent his first thoughts right after he reached the finish line, in a phone intervention for Tasuleasa Social: “I finished the race! Man, I was in a storm for four hours, oh my God! I was close to be out! It was something… oh my God! Just as a joke… it was the icing on the cake! I’m glad I could finished it. It was much, much harder than it was before. So the last part, the 160-kilometer one, is only up and down, just as the first one, then almost 300 kilometers of ice-road, which exhausted me. But generally speaking, it is much, much harder than in the previous years. But in the end this is what I came for: to finish it, and I am glad I won. Thank to those who watched me, then you for supporting me, thanks to the sponsors who helped me and who continue to help me, and see you at home! All the best!”

On March 9, at 8.30 PM Romania’s time, four Romanians started the most difficult marathon on the planet – 6633 Arctic Ultra, but three of them abandoned the race in the first day of the competition due to health problems and extreme temperatures in near the North Pole. The only one who continued was Tibi Useriu from Bistrita, who took the lead of the race from the first kilometers, and he finished the race after 7 days, on Friday morning, shortly after 1.00 AM (Romania’s time).

The 10th edition of the arctic marathon – 6633 Arctic Ultra was an anniversary edition, the organizers preparing a new route, 57 kilometers longer than the one in the previous years, a route which included a 280-kilometer Ice Road part, a frozen river, where there are extreme temperatures.

There were 32 competitors who started the race, of which 23 competitors for the 350+ miles race, but after the first day of competition, eight participants, including the three Romanians, abandoned the race. Only six competitors continued the 350+ miles race after seven marathon days; the second place behind Tibi belongs to an Irishman.

Participants had nine days to reach the finish line; the race started on Friday, March 9, at 8.30 PM (Romania’s time).

Avram Iancu, Polgar Levente and Florentina Iofcea also participated in the most difficult marathon in the world – 6633 Arctic Ultra.

Avram Iancu, 41 years old, is a librarian in Petrosani, Hunedoara County. He crossed the English Channel and the Danube by swimming from springs to spill. Avram Iancu has quit the arctic marathon after 68 kilometers due to a foot injury.

Because of the extreme weather, the wind speed exceeding 94 km per hour, Polgar Levente and Florentina Iofcea also abandoned the race in the first night of the contest.

Polgar Levente is the first person with disabilities who was accepted in the Arctic Marathon. He is 37 years old, he is from Aiud, Alba County, and he works in constructions, although he lost one of his hands in a train accident when he was six.

Florentina Iofcea from Bucharest is 46 years old and she lives in Canada, but she represented Romania at this race. She is a nurse and this year she wants to walk a 7800-kilometer route and to cross Canada from East to West, in order to enter the Guinness Book.

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