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April 13, 2021

SRI willing to declassify protocols signed with DNA. Intelligence Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda said after dialogue with Hellvig

Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Director Eduard Hellvig expressed his availability for the declassification in the following period of the protocol between SRI and the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Supreme Court (High Court of Cassation and Justice, ICCJ, ed. n.), Intelligence Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda stated on Monday.

“I’ve talked today with the SRI Director, Mr. Eduard Hellvig. He called me and said he is expressing total availability for kicking off in the following period the declassification of that protocol between the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the ICCJ. He has also expressed his wish for us to meet at the committee before commencing to declassify it, in order to discuss certain aspects pertaining to the SRI’s internal mechanisms. There are certain elements we wish to talk about, and afterwards, there is full availability on the SRI’s behalf. I believe it is commendable in what regards the SRI’s current leadership,” Manda said at Parliament.

Asked when Eduard Hellvig could show up before the Intelligence Committee, Manda said: “I believe on Friday at the earliest, probably on Tuesday at the latest, considering that Monday is, as far as I know, the day of SRI’s activity review.”

JusMin Toader requests PG Lazar to declassify protocols concluded between Prosecutor’s Office structures and SRI

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader requested on Monday Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar to declassify the protocols concluded between the structures of the Prosecutor’s Offices and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

“On 19 March 2018, Justice Minister (…) requested to Mr Augustin Lazar, the Prosecutor General of the Prosecution’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, based on the constitutional prerogatives and legal jurisdiction, to convey the following aspects: if and how many protocols have been concluded between the Public Ministry, the National Anticorruption Directorate and the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, on the one hand, and the Romanian Intelligence Service, on the other hand; the date of conclusion and signature of the respective protocols; the start of the legal procedure to declassify their content,” a release of the Justice Ministry sent to AGERPRES mentions.

Liviu Dragnea: We’ll demand explanations about “black list”

On Monday, the House Speaker talked about Premier Dancila’s request, lodged with the European Commission, to find out who compiled the “black list” presented on Antena3’s ‘Sinteza Zilei’ talk-show, a list of names of important persons who were sentenced to prison. We remind our readers that on Sunday, talk-show host Mihai Gadea presented a document showing the European Commission’s interference in the Romanian judiciary. The document was dated 10.10.2012, was addressed to the Romanian Government, and consisted of a list of demands made in connection with the CVM. The document consists of 21 points, and on point 20 it demands a brief description of the status and the establishing of the next steps in cases of high-level corruption that concerned the following: Gheorghe Copos, Adrian Nastase, Serban Bradisteanu, Ion Dumitru, Decebal Traian Remes, Dan Voiculescu, George Becali, Catalin Voicu, Tudor Chiuariu. The demand was imperative.

“The Prime Minister informed us that the Government and the Justice Ministry will send a letter demanding clarifications from the European Commission regarding this document, so as to try to find out, and for all of us to find out, what formed the basis of the compiling of this list, what was the information on which it was based. An ever-growing number of persons who have expressed a point of view consider – and one can consider – that that was a brutal interference in the Romanian act of justice, and one can say that it was in fact the inducing of a direction so that those persons would necessarily be convicted. We find it very grave, and that is why we endorse the Prime Minister’s overture,” Dragnea added. “Also today, the Prime Minister informed us that an analysis will take place, covering the period from 2012 until today, to see whether there were any other demands and whether any other names were proposed in a document issued by the European Commission or on behalf of the CVM,” he added.

In what concerns the declassification of protocols, Liviu Dragnea said he supports Premier Dancila’s decision.

“I also support, without reservations, the Prime Minister’s public call. I too made it last year. And, also today, I understood that the Justice Minister will officially ask the Public Ministry to declassify these protocols, especially against the backdrop in which several hearings have taken place at the Intelligence Committee. I found out, also from the public space, that Mr Claudiu Manda has stated that he will demand the declassification of these protocols. There’s been constant talk about the fact that these protocols were drafted on the basis of CSAT [Supreme Defence Council] decisions, but we’ve all seen the CSAT communique, which is correct. The CSAT never approved these protocols. I don’t see why these protocols shouldn’t be made public,” Dragnea said.

Asked whether he attended SRI events, Liviu Dragnea confirmed the information. “I never denied it. I attended official events, those taking place on the National Day, the SRI’s day or other official events attended by persons holding various offices in the Romanian state. I did not attend the birthday of any SRI boss, let me make this clear, nor did I slaughter a pig at the SRI.”

In what concerns the flagrant whose target he was meant to be, which Victor Ponta talked about too, Liviu Dragnea said: “As far as I know, a flagrant is organised without its target knowing about it. But I too have noticed that someone knew about it, someone was able to intervene in the dossiers, someone was able to start or stop dossiers.”





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