25.9 C
June 21, 2021

Winter in mid-March. Romania faces extremely low temperatures the whole week

A Code Yellow advisory of abundant rain and snow, wind and low temperatures entered into force on Sunday morning starting at 8.00 AM. It is related to 32 counties and Bucharest. The weather will shrink sharply across the country, becoming extremely cold for this period, and temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees lower than the normal values for this period.

It is already a serious winter in the North of the country. The weather will shrink sharply also in the South-East of the country, as well as in the extra-Carpathian regions and in the West of the territory. Temperatures will be very low, with thermal values below 0 degrees. Part of Muntenia and Oltenia will have temperatures below 0 degrees at noon, while the night temperatures will be below -10 degrees, at the frost limit. There will be precipitations temporarily, especially sleet and snow, which will gradually extend from the South-West. In the southern half of the country and in the mountains, these will generally by moderate in quantity. Glazed frost or ice will appear especially in the south of the territory and wind will have some intensification. In Bucharest, temperatures will also drop sharply, and the maximum temperature will reach no more than 5 or 6 degrees. According to the meteorologists, the weather will continue to be cold until the end of the week.

On Sunday, Bucharest faced the freezing rain phenomenon. The tramway traffic has been hampered; dozens of flights from the Otopeni Airport have been postponed or canceled. Road traffic on the A2 Highway between Fundulea and Drajna, as well as on other national roads, has been temporarily closed.

Yesterday morning, starting with 6.00 AM, a Code Yellow of floods has entered into force, being related to 24 counties.



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