CSM asks MJ to communicate how it answered to an European Commission’s request dated 2012 on high level corruption files

The Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM) asked the Ministry of Justice to communicate how it answered to the request made by the European Commission in 2012 regarding a certain topic having to do with high level corruption files.

On the occasion of its plenary sitting on Tuesday, CSM took several decisions regarding “problems of a major public interest concerning justice independence.”

“Sending a notification to the Ministry of Justice to communicate information to the Superior Council of Magistrates how it answered to the European Commission on 10.10.2012, item 20 of the appendix, and also the method used in collecting the data, considering the potential this matter has of affecting the independence of the courts responsible for solving such cases,” is one of the decisions taken by the CSM.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Monday asked the Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, in a letter, to quickly communicate if in the period 2012-2018 the MJ received from the European Commission such requests for information with respect to the description of the status of the judiciary and the establishment of the next procedural steps in supposedly high corruption cases, while referring to files still pending in court.

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