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March 21, 2023

Dacian Ciolos to submit file for setting up new political party

Former PM Dacian Ciolos on Wednesday announced in Cluj in two weeks at the most he will submits the file for setting up a new political party, which will participate in the elections for the European Parliament.

He didn’t say the name of the future political party, but he specified that Platform Romania 100 will remain a civic movement.

“I started Platform Romania 100 as a civic movement and I will continue with a political movement. In the next days, maybe a week, two at the maximum, I will submit the file for registering the future party, meaning to bring this energy in the political environment too. They will remain connected, in the sense that the platform will continue to be a civic movement with the role to take the energy from the platform and structure it in a political project that must be serious and credible,” stated Dacian Ciolos.

He participated on Wednesday in a public debate organized on the occasion of the launch of the Cluj branch of Platform Romania 100.

“I wish to make politics a cardinal profession, and not just an intermezzo in our professional life, I wish that we assume certain things that must be done for the community, after which we go and continue to stay connected to the grass roots, to the society’s foundation. This is our vision, we didn’t come here to make promises, the only promise that we make is that we will stay by your side,” mentioned Ciolos.

The former PM is working on the programme of his future party.

“I cannot take this road all by myself or with just a handful of people, we need more people in order to be able to assume this things. I also am not pleased with certain things, and I am sticking my neck out, I am betting my resources and energy and we are making the first step, wherefrom we need to develop somehow. (…) We have time until the next elections, otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten involved in a political project. We will participate in the elections with a political party. After submitted the papers for the registration of the political party it will take a couple of months until the court registration process is complete, and then we will start recruiting people. In the first elections, those for the European Parliament, we are entering the political game. This is the form, but we also need a content, meaning a change of attitude, for without a spark we can make ten parties and it will still be useless,” said Dacian Ciolos.

Dacian Ciolos participated, alongside Dragos Paslaru and Mirabela Amarandei, in a public debate themed “Education-Development-Multicultural Traditions-Civilianism,” organized by the Cluj branch of the Platform Romania 100.

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