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December 5, 2022

PM Dancila denies that a government reshuffle is possibly underway

PM Viorica Dancila on Thursday denied that a government reshuffle is possibly underway, as an idea circulated in the public space, and reaffirmed that any such assessment of the members of her Cabinet will be done within the governing coalition.

“This information related to a government reshuffle being underway is totally unfounded. Of course that there was absolutely no such discussion about a government reshuffle and, as the two leaders of the governing coalition, Mr. Dragnea and Mr. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said, any such assessment of the ministers’ activity will be done inside the coalition. There has been no assessment made yet, so that we cannot talk of a reshuffle and I deny this information,” said PM Dancila, who is  paying a visit to Dambovita County.  She is accompanied by ministers Rovana Plumb, Lucian Sova and Eugen Orlando Teodorovici.


Dancila to work with ministers to make Romania a more attractive place for investments


Prime minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday said during her visit to the Ulmi (southern Dambovita County, ed. n.) construction site where the Arctic company is building the largest home appliance factory in South-Eastern Europe, that together with the ministers in her Cabinet she is looking for solutions for Romania “to become a more attractive place for investments.”

“It is an important event, not only for the Dambovita County, but for the entire country, because this shows the openness the investors have to put their money in Romania and the fact that the PSD-ALDE  coalition’s government, through the state aids, is backing these investments. I hope that this first investment I partake in and which, like I said, is very important, from both the standpoint of the Romanian-Turkish relations (…) and from the point of view of the economy, of the job creation, of the production that is taking place in Romania, (…) is giving a kick off to several investments both in the county – and I’m saying this because I’m going to participate in other meetings in the county – and shows involvement on behalf of the local authorities in creating conditions for the investments here,” the Premier said.

Dancila added that through such spot visits she has the opportunity to talk to the investors and learn about the problems they encounter.

“At the same time, [the visits, ed. n.] offer me the chance to learn about obstacles staying in the way of investments in Romania, both of Romanian investors and the foreign ones. Like I said from the very beginning of my investiture as PM, I’ll work with my team of ministers to find solutions for Romania to become an increasingly attractive place for Romanian and foreign investments,” Dancila said.


Solutions to be sought at European level to mitigate effects of unfavourable weather conditions


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Thursday specified that there is a very “well grounded” team created to deal with the problems caused by the bad weather conditions that led to floods in many regions of the country, including landslides in Valeni, Dambovita, and announced that she will seek solutions including at European level, in the sense of possibly accessing the solidarity funds.

“They know about this (the landslides in Valeni – editor’s note). Unfortunately, the bad weather created problems, it created problems here in Dambovita and it created problems in other places in the country. We have a team that is very well grounded in everything that happens related to these problems in Romania. Mr. Arafat was, as far as I know, in the area,” stated PM Dancila.

The head of the Executive reminded that there is the Committee for emergency situations at national level, which also includes her advisers as members.

“We will try not just to help this people now, but also to help them after we solve these problems related to the floods and landslides. We will even try to seek for solutions at European level, to see how things are and if we need to access the solidarity funds for this,” specified PM Viorica Dancila.





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