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September 24, 2021

Christodoulos Seferis, President of the Hellenic Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce: Greece – one of the most modern member state of the European Union

“On the 25th of March each year, the Hellenic world celebrates solemnly with national pride the struggles of our ancestors who believed in the nation’s ideals and laid the foundations for an independent state. After difficult and painful progress and relying mainly on its own forces, Greece managed to establish itself as a modern member state of the European Union.

Today, our country is taking a difficult test in its struggle to overcome the economic crisis, which in recent years has substantially reduced the national product. The Greeks have managed to create innovative know-how in numerous sectors of the global economy, such as shipping, transport, tourism, food industry, aquaculture, building materials, organic products, services, commerce, and are ready at all times, in cooperation with entrepreneurs, professionals and all forms of creative initiatives, to make valuable use of their knowledge and experience for the mutual benefit.

In this context, representing the majority of companies with Greek shareholders operating in Romania as well as a significant number of joint ventures, the Hellenic-Romanian Chamber of Commerce is continuously endeavouring and taking initiatives to develop bilateral trade and economic relations. This effort is currently assuming a special role, aspiring to make the most of every kind of entrepreneurial initiative and to support the strive to reconstruct the Greek state.

Finally, I would like to extend a wish to those who believe that the progress of the national revival is based first and utmost on the nation’s own forces, inspired by the ideals and traditions of its people, and who remain firmly supportive of strengthening mutual alliances.

Happy National Day!

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