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September 19, 2020

Dr. Dragos Gabriel Zisopol, Member of the Romanian Parliament and President of the Hellenic Union in Romania: A good opportunity for Greek and Romanian People to reflect on sustainable relations between the two states

On the 25th of March, we, the Greek people, celebrate the 197th Anniversary of the 1821 Revolution against the Ottoman rule. It is the date when Greece commemorates its heroes who died for freedom and independence.

The ideal of freedom and national sovereignty inspired the Greek revolution. It was “FREEDOM OR DEATH” that motivated the Greek heroic fight against the Ottoman rule.

The outbreak of the Hellenic revolution, in 1821, on the territory of Moldavia and Walachia, and the heroic acts of the Greeks and of those who shared their ideals constitute a common point of reference in the history of Greece and Romania.

After seven years of war, countless human sacrifices and material losses, in 1828 the Greek State started to make its appearance, as a reality in the European map.

Today, 197 years after the outbreak of the revolution, its message remains still valid: DEMOCRACY, DIGNITY, FREEDOM, PROSPERITY for the country and its people.

The anniversary of the Centennial in Romania provides a good opportunity for the Greek and Romanian people to further enhance the traditional relations between the two states, based on the friendship that guided their common path throughout history.

In this context, the members of the Hellenic Union of Romania honor the memory of the heroes that lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and independence.

On behalf of all members of the Hellenic Union of Romania, I wish “HAPPY NATIONAL DAY” to all Greeks and philhellenes around the world.




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