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January 24, 2022

Intotero: What we want is to get closer on the Romanian historical communities

The Ministry for Romanians Abroad wishes, through the projects it promotes, to get close to the Romanian historical communities, Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero stated on Friday.

“Last year, 300 Romanians from the Republic of Moldova discovered and got to know better their mother-country Romania, and this year we want to expand this project, given the success it has enjoyed. Thus, the number of participants increased by 50% – 450 Romanians from the historical communities along the borders. For a few days, we will have the first group from Ismail, Ukraine (…) We want to get closer to the Romanian ethnics from the historical communities, along with all the others (…) Welcome home in Romania!,” said Intotero, at the opening of the first stage of the 2018 edition of the project “Discover and Know Romania.”

The event took place at the Parliament Palace. The 50 Romanians ethnics from Ismail visited the Legislature’s headquarters and had a meeting with the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea. On Saturday, they will visit Dambovita County.

The objective of the project “Discover and Know Romania” is for the Romanians from the historical communities abroad to get to know the Romanian ethnic and linguistic dimension among young Romanians from abroad.

The 2018 edition is dedicated to all historical communities along the borders. This year’s programme started with 50 Romanian ethnics from Ismail, with 50 young people from the Romanian communities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Moldova and Ukraine following to come to Romania in the other eight stages. The next stage will take place at the end of April.

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