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March 5, 2021

Mayor of Iasi Mihai Chirica attacks Liviu Dragnea: He imposed a Stalinist-North-Korean regime

Mayor of Iasi Mihai Chirica, who was recently excluded from the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has launched a new attack against the leader of the Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea, about whom he says that he imposed the Stalinist-North-Korean regime within the party, at the congress.

“After the last so-called ‘congress’, the Stalinist-North-Korean regime imposed by Dragnea – unfortunately with the guilty complicity of many other leaders – completed its ‘work’ in the central structures from Bucharest and started to spread its tentacles in the territory. With a PSD Iasi leadership degenerated to the statute of Dragnea’s mat and benefiting from the naivety (I hope…) of some institutions of the Romanian State, PSDragnea tries to intervene in the functioning of the Iasi Municipality, affecting the interests and needs of the people in Iasi and distorting the significance of their vote given to PSD in the two rounds of elections in 2016. I believe this is a situation that cannot be tolerated anymore! We cannot accept that the ‘political’ model of the Dragnea brand, based on autocracy, incompetence and obedience, will rule the whole country” Mihai Chirica mentioned on Saturday on his Facebook page.

He added that the authentic, progressive-minded, pro-European, and above all, the democratic social democracy obliges him to stay against the transformation of the Romanian social democracy into a group in which holding a Teleorman ID card has become the supreme value, replacing the promotion of education, professional experience, dedicated work and good faith.

“We need strength and responsibility to resist against the pressures which PSDragnea puts on mayors, on local and county councilors, on the heads of branches, on all the social democrats who have good faith, by threatening them, promising positions and attempting to blackmail them. All the honest and responsible social democrats should understand that Dragnea has created a vicious circle that led PSD to a dead end: Dragnea is surrounded by small people who can’t challenge him and who don’t want to do that, because they depend on him. It’s sad, but it’s very clear: in the year of the Centenary of the Great Union, instead of uniting Romania, Dragnea divided it between ‘men’ and ‘teleormen’” Mihai Chirica concluded.

About one month ago, Mihai Chirica was excluded from PSD, after the proposal made by the Ethics Committee of the Iasi branch of the party and after this proposal was approved at the Extraordinary Congress of the party.

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