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September 24, 2021

National Bank issues collector coin set in celebration of centennial of Basarabia’s union with Romania

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced the launch, on Monday, for collection purposes, of a set of three coins of gold, silver and copper-plated tombac, and of a brass coin to mark the 100-year anniversary of the union of Basarabia with Romania. A number of 200 precious-metal sets and 5,000 brass coins have been minted and are available for sale for the price of 1,990 lei and 10 lei, respectively, VAT excluded.

The gold coin with a face value of 100 lei is 21 mm in diameter, has a ribbed edge, weighs 6.452 grams; featured on the obverse is the seat of the Country Council in Chisinau, where the union of Basarabia with Romania was adopted on March 27, 1918; represented in the background is a fragment of the Act of Romania’s Union with Basarabia, the inscription “ROMANIA” engraved in an arc of circle, the face value of “100 LEI”, Romania’s coat of arms and 2018 – the issue year.

The reverse of all the coins (gold, silver, tombac and brass) is the same, representing the portraits and names of the three signatories of the Act of the Union of Basarabia with Romania: Ion Inculet, then President of the Country Council, Country Council Vice-President Pantelimon Halippa, and Secretary Ion Buzdugan, surrounded by the inscriptions “100 YEARS SINCE THE UNION OF BASARABIA WITH ROMANIA” and “27 March 1918”.

The silver coin has a face value of 10 lei, ribbed edge, is 37 mm in diameter, weighs 31.103 grams and mainly features the same obverse as the gold coin, except for the face value of 10 LEI.

The copper-plated tombac coin with a face value of 1 leu has a ribbed edge, is 37 mm in diameter and weighs 23.5 grams. Its obverse mainly depicts the same graphic elements as the other two coins except for the face value of 1 leu.

The brass coin with a face value of 50 bani, a diameter of 23.75 mm weighs 6.1 grams and is 1.9 mm thick. Written twice on the edge of the coin is “ROMANIA” with a star as a separator. Except for its specific face value, the obverse mainly features the same elements as the other coins.

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