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April 22, 2021

Gathered in solemn sitting, Bucharest Parliament endorses Declaration on the anniversary of 100 years since the Union of Bessarabia with the Mother Land

Romania’s Parliament on Tuesday endorsed a Declaration for the celebration of the Union between Bessarabia and the Mother Land, Romania.

“Romania’s Parliament, gathered in solemn sitting on the anniversary of 100 years since the Union of Bessarabia with the Mother Land, today, 27 March 2018, considers as fully legitimate the wish of those citizens with the Republic of Moldova who back the unification of the two states as a natural continuation in the development and affirmation process of the Romanian nation, and we stress that this Act depends on their will, and declares that Romania and its citizens are and will always be ready to meet any organic manifestation of reunification of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as an expression of their sovereign will,” the document adopted by the Romanian Parliament reads.

By the organisation of the solemn joint session of Parliament’s two chambers, in the presence of a delegation of the Republic of Moldova’s Parliament and Government, coming from Chisinau for precisely this event, the Declaration celebrates “the Union Act voted by the Council of the Country on 27 March 1918” and “the moment the political elites of Besssarabia and the Kingdom gave course to their aspirations.”

“We consider today a mission of honour of the current and the next generation from both banks of the Prut River to honour with piety the memory of the 1918’s generation that strived for the making of the Great Union,” the Declaration specifies.

According to it, on 27 March 1918, the Council of the Country as the supreme representative law-making body of Bessarabia, made up of representatives of the Romanian majority population and the ethnic minorities, constituted in accordance with the time’s democratic norms, against the backdrop of the Tsarist Empire’s dissolution and the unfolding of the Great War, gave expression to the collective unification wish by endorsing the Union Act.

“Bessarabia’s return to the Mother Land, Romania purges the historical injustice of 1812, when through the Bucharest Treaty between the Ottoman Empire and Tsarist Russia the part located East of Prut River of the Principality of Moldova was annexed to the Russian Empire, forming the Bessarabia province (gubernia),” the document reads.

The Declaration was voted with a large majority; 19 MPs abstained.


Dragnea: I want us to unite with Moldova, I want us to be together in Europe but as one nation


The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea, said on Tuesday in the joint plenary meeting that he wants Romania’s union with the Republic of Moldova “together in Europe, but as one nation”.

“I say openly, simply and explicitly – I want us to unite with Moldova! I want us to be together in Europe but as one nation. Romania was strong when it was united and it will be united and strong. That is our ideal. That is the ideal to assert ourselves in history as a united, free and prosperous nation in which all its citizens feel free, feel proud and have a better life,” Dragnea told the solemn session of the Legislature in Bucharest, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the union of Bessarabia with Romania.

He proposed that the plenary hall of the Chamber of Deputies be named “Vasile Stroescu”, the first speaker of the reunified Parliament of Greater Romania.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies added that, 100 years after the Great Union, it is our duty not to forget the tragic destiny of the unionist generation and to know the dimension of its sacrifice and not to forget “these crimes and those who ordered them and not forget that resistance to oppression is the highest form of national consciousness.”


Tariceanu: Only lack of confidence in our own capacity can prevent us from signing unification act


The Speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu declared on Tuesday that, after the example of 1918, only the “wish” of the Parliaments of Bucharest and Chisinau, expressing the will of the Romanian people in Romania and Moldova, would be able to redo what the Country’s Council had done a century ago, and “undid the arbitrary decision of the big totalitarian powers in 1940”.

“I hope that we will find the courage in Bucharest as well as in Chisinau to take such a decision. Only the lack of confidence in our own capacity to build together a democratic, free and indivisible nation can prevent us from putting our signatures on an act of unification,” Tariceanu said at the solemn sitting of Parliament dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania.

He said that this solemn session should have not only a historical significance, however “monumental” it may be.

“Let us prove on this anniversary that the political significance of the events a century ago has not lost its present character nor our ability to mobilize our willpowers,” Tariceanu added.

The speaker of the Senate also said that the national ideology of the 1930s and 1940s, resurrected by the national communism of the last two decades of the totalitarian regime, “taught us to look at the union act, prepared with great sacrifices and labors, proclaimed by the Country’s Council in Chisinau on March 27, 1918, as a memorable and reversible episode of the process of realizing the ideal of the Romanian national unity”.

“The Country’s Council found it simple and natural that the Moldovan people were part of the Romanian people, and that the country that sought its destiny after the dissolution of the Czarist empire was nothing more than an alienated part of historical Moldavia. This identity consciousness was a necessary but not a sufficient condition of the union.

What did the politicians in Bucharest and Chisinau have in addition to us? Undoubtedly, the passion for democracy, the belief that the nation ought to be complete, because it is the only known body of democracy, the only constitutional framework in which democracy can manifest through institutions and procedures that guarantee the citizens’ rights and liberties,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu pointed out.


President Iohannis sends message to Parliament’s solemn session on the anniversary of a century since Bessarabia united with Romania: Our convergence course is currently named European path of Republic of Moldova


Our convergence course is currently named the European path of the Republic of Moldova, on Tuesday said President Klaus Iohannis in a message sent to Parliament’s solemn session on the anniversary of a century since Bessarabia united with Romania.

“We celebrate today 100 years since the Union Declaration of Bessarabia and the Kingdom of Romania. The decision endorsed by the Council of the Country in Chisinau was a political and patriotic gesture that honours the elites of the times and all those who had dreamt of it and had worked to see it achieved. It is one of those moments that for ever defines history, warms the souls and keeps consciences awake, generation after generation,” the President says in his message.

He mentions that the 1918 spring’s Romania was marked by a serious military situation and exposed to a difficult international context and notwithstanding, in times of endeavor, in the face of threats and perils from nearby vicinity, without posing conditions or expecting any compensation, it ensured Bessarabia’s protection.

“Through the democratisation and economic reform projects promised by Romania’s gov’t in 1917, the Union of 27 March 1918 represented for Bessarabia not only the attaining of the national ideal of the Romanians on the two banks of the Prut River, but also an attractive future project, a viable alternative to the bleak perspective of Bolshevisation,” Iohannis says.

The President specifies that the politicians of 1918 proved an understanding of the opportunities that history and the international context offered for the Romanians’ aspirations’ fulfillment.

“One thing is common to all of Romania’s great accomplishments in the past century and a half: they have been achieved through the association of our projects to the great European processes, through the assimilation by the society of the Western humanism’s values. This is how things were going in the years of the Great War, this is how things were going in the year of the Great Union, which debuted with the Union of Bessarabia and Romania,” Klaus Iohannis says .

President Iohannis adds that the one hundred years ago act is not only “a fountain of remembrance and gratitude to our ancestors, but also a ceaseless source of inspiration for the necessity to develop and continuously deepen the strategic partnership between Romania and the Republic of Moldova for the latter’s European integration.”

“Our convergence course is currently named the European path of the Republic of Moldova, for the success of which our country is granting a consistent, permanent diplomatic, financial and technical support. Yet Romania has the duty to further be for the Republic of Moldova an example of a nation committed to the European project, a model of competitive economy, of a society that knows to value and capitalise on its human potential. In this project, I’m certain we can rise at the height of the deeds we are celebrating today!” president Klaus Iohannis underlines in his message to Parliament.


PM Viorica Dancila: Republic of Moldova is and will remain priority for Romania’s Government


The Republic of Moldova is and will remain a priority for Romania’s Government, our future will be a shared one in the bosom of the European family, premier Viorica Dancila on Tuesday told Parliament’s solemn session dedicated to the anniversary of 100 years since Bessarabia united with Romania.

“The symbolic importance of Bessarabia and Romania’s union act, alongside the union with Bucovina and Transylvania, consists in the fact that the population of these Romanian territories, through their elected representatives, democratically decided the union with the country. Our forefathers knew how to wisely use the historical opportunity presented to them and lay the foundation for a better future for their children, and history proved them right. Today, 100 years on, we have all the reasons to be as confident as they were that our future will be a bright one, as long as it is based on the democratic values that allow for the development of a healthy society. I strongly believe that our future will again be a shared one, that we shall reunite soon in the bosom of the European family, paying thus tribute to our forefathers’ fight, men but also women, we should not forget,” Dancila affirmed.

According to the Prime Minister, the Centenary is “both an occasion to honour the past and to reflect on Romania’s future, a state profoundly tied to the European and Euro-Atlantic values and principles.”

She added that as Prime Minister, she grants special attention to the relation with the Republic of Moldova, bringing to mind that among the first external visits she carried out was also the one to Chisinau.

She also maintained that the future joint governmental sitting, due to take place this year in the Republic of Moldova will strengthen the collaboration between Bucharest and Chisinau.

Viorica Dancila evoked the personality of the only woman in the Council of the Country, Elena Alistar Romanescu, President of the Moldovan Women’s league of Bessarabia who “fervently and with devotion contributed to the attainment of the ideals of Romanians on the two banks of the Prut River.”

“‘Ingrained in my memory will this holy day remain’, says Elena Alistar Romanescu about the first day the Council of the Country assembled. Enduring in our memory should remain the glorious deeds of our forefathers,” Dancila added.


Crown Custodian Margareta: Duty to support our brothers must not encounter boundaries or conditioning


Margareta, the Romanian Crown Custodian stated on Tuesday that the duty to support the Republic of Moldova must not encounter boundaries or conditioning.

“Today, the duty to support our brothers outside Romania’s frontiers must not encounter boundaries or conditioning. 100 years on from the Great Union, after tragedies beyond words, the Romanian Crown continues to support the European aspirations of the Republic of Moldova. The past years have proved that the Royal Family profoundly and enduringly participates in the country’s integration within the European family of nations. The affection the Royal House enjoys in our sister country is the most beautiful gift that we can receive now, this celebration together,” Romanian Crown Custodian told Parliament’s reunited plenary sitting, during the solemn session dedicated to the celebration of 100 years since the union of Bessarabia and Romania.

She summoned the contribution of the Council of the Country’s personalities, of the soldiers, political people, of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria to the accomplishment of Bessarabia’s union to Romania.

“The contribution of the Royal House to the Republic of Moldova’s European integration started 100 years ago, my great-grandparents Ferdinand and Maria’s Bessarabia,” the Romanian Crown Custodian said.

Her Majesty underscored that King Mihai was one of the “symbols of the nation’s unity.”

“Born three years after the Great Union, King Mihai stood for almost a century, as the hope, dignity and continuity on both banks of the Prut,” the Crown Custodian specified.


Moldova Parliament’s Candu: Wish you were absolutely certain Moldova needs strong Romania


My country needs a strong Romania to remain the most faithful, solid and honest partner of Chisinau on its European path, on Tuesday said in the Romanian Parliament’s plenary session the President of the Republic of Moldova’s Parliament, Andrian Candu.

“The foundation of the absolutely special relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is based on the language, history, civilisation and culture communion. These have deep emotional significance. Today, despite the time’s challenges, we are committed to an extensive modernisation and democratisation process, a difficult reform process, a process we still pay debts to, for political errors and inconsistency. But I want you to be absolutely sure that the Republic of Moldova needs a strong Romania. We should not remain stuck on divergence of outlooks and opinions. What is absolutely vital for the piece of land called Moldova has to do with the consensus we wish to have on behalf of the Romanian political class regarding the privileged character of our relationship and the support of the European integration as sole option of civilisation and progress. This should be a team effort, openly and transparently made alongside Romania’s partners within the European Union, the United States of America and other states with similar views. Only then can we strengthen ourselves and guarantee prosperity to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Romania must remain the most faithful, solid and honest partner of Chisinau on its European path. We have no time left to tread water, to miss opportunities, to lose ourselves in sterile polemics, because the more divided our society gets the more we miss the chance and perspectives of a more rapid modernisation,” Candu told the plenary session of the Romanian Parliament, dedicated to 100th anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia and Romania.

“One hundred years on since the Union Act of 1918, to our great regret, we have to do again with some peoples’ wish to decide in our place how we should live and where we should head to. Through various methods, direct or indirect, through the modern tools of the hybrid war and sophisticated propaganda they are trying to show our people that their place is not with the great European family, but somewhere else. The economic and political pressure from outside aim at distorting the Romanian and European values, and the morally, ideologically and financially sponsored propagandistic war I’m talking about is undermining the sovereignty and independence declarations of the Republic of Moldova and target the country’s return to the Russian geopolitical area. The inoculation of the idea of belonging to an area of values foreign to us, far from the European one, alongside the feeding of unjustified nostalgia on the grounds of the political and economic crises we have faced, that we, politicians, are guilty of as well, is all the more serious as the architecture of the security in the region we are located in is more and more fragile,” Andrian Candu added.

The President of the Republic of Moldova’s Parliament pleaded for the pursuit of the projects started with Romania and stressed that Romania has become the first market for the Moldovan goods and the Romanian investments in Moldova are on the rise.

“We cannot control today the entire country because we are divided and have a foreign army too. (…) We cannot change the historical path and we cannot wipe out what we would have perhaps liked to be different. We can only build together – bridges, roads, businesses – we can level spiritual borders through the Romanian language as a foundation of cohesion between us. (…) I wish to urge you to visit us more often so you get to know us better, our realities, so that we know each other better,” Andrian Candu concluded.

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