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June 22, 2021

Elena Udrea’s reply for Sebastian Ghita: I don’t understand whose games he is playing. No matter what, SRI and Maior must be O.K.

Elena Udrea mentioned on Facebook, following Sebastian Ghita’s statements related to the pictures taken in Paris, that she doesn’t know what is the content of the report handed by SRI to Traian Basescu and that she is asking its declassification, saying that she doesn’t understand whose games is Ghita playing, but “no matter what, SRI and Maior must be O.K.”.

“Although I was in the hospital when Sebi Ghita’s interview was broadcasted and I have totally different priorities, given that I was a subject of these recordings, probably because in the other episodes he cannot reveal anything spectacular, I want to give a short reply to my friend in Belgrad. I don’t understand whose games he is playing, I see only that he doesn’t deny his origins, no matter what, SRI and Maior must be O.K.…” Elena Udrea begins her post on the Facebook page.

Regarding the pictures with her and Alina Bica in Paris, the former minister is rhetorically asking herself where from Sebastian Ghita knows what is the content of the SRI report handed to Traian Basescu.

“I, who was the subject of the report, and much closer to the President who asked and read it, I don’t have any idea about its content. But I am sure that if it had only one mention about any deed committed by me or Bica, outside the law, I would have known immediately. However, let’s make it clear, I am asking its declassification. I wonder he says something else now, after Ghita was also the one who stated last days that Coldea called him on the day when the pictures were clandestinely revealed on the internet, and he gave him an IP of a website from where he was going to take the photos with me and Bica to give them in a big TV show, at the TV channel made by them, together. And that happened at that time” Elena Udrea also wrote.

The former Tourism Minister also says that she didn’t want to take over Realitatea, as Sebastian Ghita stated, and she couldn’t do this anyway, while Sebastian Ghita took it with the help provided by George Maior and Florian Coldea.

“I was explicitly against taking it over, I reproached to those in the SRI leadership etc., things about which I am speaking in my Diary, or even publicly. We saw later why they needed to have a television, when the attack against Traian Basescu, against me and other people on the black list of the former SRI Deputy Director was conducted through Rtv even tougher than through A3. Of course at that time Sebi was still Coldea’s friend” Elena Udrea added.

Former parliamentarian claims that the episode related to the “stories heard from SRI with files with Arabians and other stuff” is also described by her in her diary, and she gave them as an example later fr several times, as a proof of Florian Coldea’s involvement in business.

“However, and in this case is even simpler than asking the declassification of the Report, I am asking/authorize Mr. Cristoiu to publish the sequences in the Diary about which Sebi Ghita is talking, to clarify them. In conclusion, I can only suppose that he has a hard living in Serbia and he doesn’t know whom he should please in order to be O.K. I mean, this is exactly what he always did…” the former minister concludes.

Sebastian Ghita stated on Monday evening, in an interview, that ten people in Bucharest knew that the pictures with Elena Udrea and Alina Bica in France will be revealed; the former MP mentioned that he didn’t make the website on which the pictures were published, but he knew about its existence.

“Somebody had an interest to influence the result of the presidential elections, namely to put Elena Udrea behind Monica Macovei. (…) Neither Udrea, nor Bica were saints. And I am sure that Coldea told the President a long time ago: ‘Not with Bica, it isn’t O.K. It isn’t O.K., Mister President”. That institution, DIICOT, will go on a Mafia path. Basescu wasn’t listening to the service, he was rather listening to Udrea. And if Coldea presented a report to the President, referring to Bica’s and Udrea’s work, life and activity, I think Basescu told him: ‘But Coldea, give us some pictures. This report isn’t good’. Coldea told him: ‘O.K., we will prepare a report about what the service thinks about Bica and the pictures from Paris’. And when they wrote in it about thefts, Arabians, VAT, or other stuff, Basescu almost had a heart attack” Sebastian Ghita stated in an interview published by Evenimentul Zilei.

Asked to comment if he believes that Traian Basescu told Elena Udrea what was the content of the SRI report related to these pictures, the former parliamentarian stated that this is very likely.

“Probably, they seemed to exchange quite many information. It is possible that he told her, but it was irrelevant. It is certain that they forgot about the pictures after they read the report (…) It’s hard to stay away from SRI, to hide something from SRI. Only Bica and Udrea were naïve. Udrea thought that if she makes Alina Bica the head of DIICOT, she has a prosecutor’s office for herself and they will arrest people, sell cases, take cases, make cases. However, in a reliable state, you cannot let somebody make deals with cases” Ghita said.

The former MP also said that the purpose pursued by revealing those pictures was to prevent Elena Udrea from reaching the President, since she would have planned to appoint Traian Basescu as a PM. Sebastian Ghita added that the action of publishing the pictures was made by certain employees of the intelligence services, and that he suspects Florian Coldea.

“There were several people in Bucharest who knew that the pictures with Bica and Udrea will be revealed on a website. 10 people in Bucharest knew about that. Nobody knew that it will disappear, but after everybody took the pictures… this website disappeared and nobody found it again” the former MP concluded.

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