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August 5, 2021

Former Minister Mihnea Costoiu, sent to judgement by DNA in the case “Cutezatorii Sports Facility”. The case is closed in relation to Dinu Pescariu

Prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate – the Section for Combating the Offenses Assimilated to Corruption Offenses decided to send Mihnea Costoiu, who at the time of the deeds was a State Secretary at the Ministry of National Education, to judgement, under judicial control, in the case “Cutezatorii Sports Facility”, for committing the offense of abuse, according to a press release issued by DNA.

According to the DNA prosecutors, “since March to September 2009, defendant Costoiu Mihnea Cosmin, holding the above mentioned position, concluded with the “Dinu Pescariu” Foundation, by breaching the legal provisions related to the public property, an addendum to a lease agreement previously concluded with the Autonomous Administration – State Protocol Patrimony Administration (R.A.-A.P.P.S.)”.

“The addendum was concluded without an approval given by a Government’s Decision, without a public auction being organized according to the law and without the approval of the specialized directorates within the Ministry. Moreover, this document has been concluded in the circumstances in which the Ministry of National Education submitted a complaint to the court against the ‘Dinu Pescariu’ Foundation in order to decide the termination of the agreement; the case was on the docket in that period (the lands and the buildings corresponding to the Cutezatorii Sports Facility were transferred into the public domain of the state by the Government’s Decision no.160/2005).

The situation caused by signing the addendum was meant to stop the trial by which the Ministry of National Education was asking for the termination of the lease agreement” DNA prosecutors also state.

The anticorruption prosecutors claim that “this action caused to the Ministry of National Education a total loss of EUR 10,796,662, representing the difference between the actual market value of the rent amounting EUR 11,741,662.8 (EUR 111,825.36/month x 105 months in the period July 2009 – March 2018) and the amount actually paid by the ‘Dinu Pescariu’ Foundation, namely EUR 945,000 (EUR 9,000/month x 105 months in the period July 2009 – March 2018)”.

By the time the indictment was drawn up, the Ministry of national Education didn’t announced if it intends to be a civil party in the case.

Prosecutors decided to establish the precautionary attachment on several buildings belonging to Costoiu Mihnea Cosmin.

The case was sent to judgement to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, with the proposal to maintain the preventive and precautionary measures ordered in the case.

The case was closed regarding the suspects Paunica Mihai, Ispas Gabriel Liviu and Leahu Gabriel, given that the forensic expert report established that the signatures on the addendum to the lease agreement weren’t executed by them.

The case was also closed in relation to defendant Pescariu Dinu Mihail, since there is no evidence to involve his criminal liability, beyond any reasonable doubt, according to the DNA press release.




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