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May 12, 2021

Serbian press: Documents that should shed more light on charges levelled against Sebastian Ghita are yet to reach High Court of Justice. Sebastian Ghita’s father-in-law informs that the DNA froze his personal bank accounts

The documents that should have offered extra information on the charges levelled against Sebastian Ghita have not reached the High Court of Justice, the body that handles the extradition procedure, danas.rs informs, pointing out that the piece of information was provided by the Court. According to the source, Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated during his visit in Belgrade that Romania sent on March 9 the documents that the Serbian authorities had asked for.

The publication notes that Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader pointed out after meeting his Serbian counterpart Nela Kuburovic on Monday that all documents that the Serbian authorities demanded were sent on March 9.

Sebastian Ghita’s extradition was on the agenda of the two officials.

Likewise, the Serbian publication notes that the Romanian press has informed that Ghita wanted to meet Minister Toader in order to show him proof that the charges levelled against him are based on false evidence. According to the source, however, such a meeting did not take place.

The Justice Ministry announced on Monday that Justice Minister Tudorel Toader and his Serbian counterpart Nela Kuburovic discussed Romania’s request to have Sebastian Ghita extradited by Serbia, the Serb Minister emphasising that the procedure meant to establish that the conditions for extradition are met is ongoing at the High Court and that a decision will be taken as soon as possible after the court’s decision.

“Likewise, the ministers discussed Romania’s request to have Sebastian Ghita extradited. Minister Kuburovic emphasised that the procedure regarding the fulfilment of the extradition conditions is ongoing at the High Court and that, after the court’s decision, the Justice Minister will adopt a decision as soon as possible,” the Justice Ministry pointed out in a communique issued on Monday evening.


Sebastian Ghita’s father-in-law informs that the DNA froze his personal bank accounts


Sebastian Ghita’s father-in-law has informed that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has frozen his personal bank accounts even though, he claims, he is not investigated in any dossier. Dumitru Carstea is the man who recently revealed that he witnessed Laura Codruta Kovesi’s presence in Sebastian Ghita’s house.

The father-in-law of the ex-lawmaker has discovered that his bank accounts have been frozen by the National Anticorruption Directorate. In a phone interview with RomaniaTV, Dumitru Carstea has said that he has nothing to do with the DNA, not being investigated in any dossier, and that he is convinced that the anticorruption prosecutors’ overture comes as a result of his public statements.

“Yesterday afternoon, while I was shopping, when I tried to pay they told me I can’t pay with the card because the card is empty, it no longer has credit. I went at the bank in the morning to see what the situation was and surprise: the DNA had placed a lien on my bank account,” Dumitru Carstea told RomaniaTV private broadcaster.

Dumitru Carstea, the person next to whom Kovesi was photographed in Sebastian Ghita’s house, told RomaniaTV that Laura Codruta Kovesi was present at the ex-lawmaker’s birthday party and they stood at the same table.

“Codruta Kovesi’s denial hurt me. I’m glad I can confirm that Laura Codruta Kovesi is in the photograph. I met Laura Codruta only once. My daughter was right next to me, it was a party. One must bear in mind how she arrived at this party, she came willingly, she stayed from start to finish. Her relationship with Sebastian was obviously one of friendship, they were laughing, talking about things they shared. It was Sebastian’s birthday; I don’t know if she brought a gift. I believe that was some five years ago, 2012-2013. A photo was taken, and probably even more were taken. We didn’t pose for the photo, she probably knew she was being photographed. We talked, we greeted each other, we shook hands on arrival and on departure. We sat at the same table, we drank the same beverage; for her to come up now and deny such a reality it means she has memory problems,” Dumitru Carstea added on RomaniaTV. Journalist Ion Cristoiu identified Dumitru Carstea as the grey-hair man in the photograph presented by Sebastian Ghita.

The former politician also stated that the photograph featuring Laura Codruta Kovesi, a photograph he presented to Ion Cristoiu, is a still shot from a video recording that he will make public soon.

“High-level Romanian state officials appear in that photo, but I don’t believe they’ll testify. They’re from the intelligence services. The photo is a still shot from a video recording. It’s not the only video recording, I’m not the only person who has photos, videos. The little video recording is not in my phone. Several of us know that Mrs Kovesi is lying. For various reasons, we are watching her lying to an entire country, lying to the CSM,” Sebastian Ghita told Antena3 private broadcaster.

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